Vacation Recap: Costa Rica!


I got back from vacation a week ago, I went to Guanacasta, Costa Rica with my mom! Why is it that after we come back home from being home we feel like we never left and it was all a figment in our imagination?! I am already ready for another vacation!

We stayed at the Westin Playa Conchal Resort. I love tropical vacations and I can never get sick of them! I had a great time and I wish I got to see more! Hopefully if I ever go there again I have to see the volcano and rain forest! The resort was beautiful and it was HUGE! It was the biggest I ever stayed at. When I went to Barbados and Nevis, St. Kitts I stay at the Four Seasons resort and there is a big difference, and of course you can’t help but compare and from now on I only want to follow the Four Seasons!

For a five star resort the service wasn’t that great. The employees don’t speak any English! Communicating was very difficult and frustrating at times because you weren’t able to get the help you needed at the resort. I’ve traveled to many different countries and all the hotels/resorts I have stayed at I never had a language problem, so this was a first for me. The service was also very slow and at times they would never show up! The food wasn’t that good and the fruits were the best because of how fresh they were. But the resort itself was beautiful and made it worth it.

I went zip lining! I learned that zip lining originated in Costa Rica! So it was the best place to do it at!  It was an amazing experience and an unforgettable one. I am scared of heights and was hesitant to do it but in the end I am so glad I went for it! I really wanted a picture of me in the middle of the forest hanging 45,000 in the air while zip lining but I couldn’t get it and was too shy to ask! I also went for ATV tour all around the beach and the roads, that was pretty cool. We went out on the town for two nights because the Resort was boring at night, and the locals were so sweet. El Termendo town reminded me so much of Miami with the vibe and the outdoor lounges.

Costa Rica is a must see, a lot of history and beautiful people that don’t have nothing but live like they have everything. They are so happy and they live so simple and poor conditions. It was very humbling to see. I recommend going to Costa Rica but I don’t recommend staying at a resort, we saw hotels right on the beach when we went to town that were smaller but even more beautiful than a big 5 star resort. I think huge resorts should be for retirees and family trips…expect if you are staying at the 4 Seasons, there resorts are out of this world, they have so many pools for family, for party, for quiet and and so on, they also have a night life and so many things to do at night when the sun is out and there is nothing else to do! They also have the best food and service.

Have you ever been to Costa Rica? At the Westin Playa? What did you think? Or have you been to a Four Seasons resort? What did you think?

I will post pictures up later this week!


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