Bridal Gown: My favorite wedding gowns/designers!






Um…I think I got a bit to carried away with picking out my favorite wedding gowns from my all time favorite designers for their bridal collection! Ever since I was a little girl I always dreamed about my wedding, I never cared for marriage because growing up I had a horrible example of it and my parents had a bitter sad divorce, so I always dreamed of THE DRESS, how my hair and make up would be, the accessories, the shoes and the whole setting and planning of the magical day. There are some of us girls that got hung up on the happily ever after fantasy. And of course every year my mind changes on the dress, hair and make up! I’ve always said that “I want to get married for the wedding!”. Ha! I just have always had a fascination of wedding gowns and its probably going to be super difficult to choose mine when I get married…for true love, not the dress…well maybe for both! Haha! I think I would be designing my own dress with the inspiration from these designers. I don’t like wedding dresses to be simple or typical, especially if its your first time walking down the aisle, I think your wedding dress should be dramatic in the most simple way. It should be glamorous! It’s your day and for some of us it will be the first and last time we get married so why not go all out! But of course it depends on the person, there are some of us that love the glamour and the fashion and some of us that love to be so simple and low key. Its whatever that works for you, your style and your body. Ah! I just I can’t wait till I get that ring bling and start designing my dress!

I don’t like wedding gowns to be anything other than white- for the pure girls or ivory – for the not so pure girls haha but these days everything has become so modern. I am very traditional! But the colored gowns are still very beautiful so that’s why I chose them, based on the design not the color!

What do you guys think?


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