Picture of the day

I really never thought Beyonce and Jay Z would ever release pictures of their of their baby, I always thought that when they do have kids we would never see them until they are couple years old due to how private they are and always have been but them releasing the pictures on their own terms was a smart move, they took control and declined magazine offers and took a little pressure off them with the paparazzi gunning to get the first shot. Blue Ivy Carter is SO beautiful! Beyonce’s pregnancy was a hot topic with many, including myself, doubting it at times due to the inconsistency of her bump, their baby is the most popular and talked about baby in the world right now, since Beyonce announced her pregnancy up until the birth was announced and still to this day. I guess its only right, she is the child of the two biggest stars in the world! Jay also revealed that they suffered a miscarriage and even though this pregnancy was a success finally delivering a beautiful baby girl it wasn’t an easy one. So hopefully the world will shut up and leave them alone, if I were to take another guess it would be that we probably won’t see the baby after these pictures. The baby is so beautiful, she looks like Beyonce a little with her features but she resembles her daddy Jay a lot!

I saw this picture a fan put up on her Twitter, already I’ve read ignorant comments that I won’t even repeat people are so ridiculous!  I feel bad for Jay and Bey but they are happy and I am sure they can care less about what everyone thinks, true happiness over comes it all!

Miss Tina & Baby Beyonce, Beyonce & Baby Blue

They announced it via Baby Blue’s very own Tumblr page!




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