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One of the fakest personalities and celeb in Hollyweird Kim Kardashian is looking faker than ever. The heck happened to her face?? It gets worse every year. She is her own worst enemy, and was naturally pretty but it’s obvious her insecurities getting the best of her and is bey0nd caught up in Hollywood and has lost sense of reality. This woman literally has sold her soul to the devil, she is a puppest and her momager is pulling her strings. She isn’t even pretty anymore, she is just way too over exposed, she is 31 years old and it’s just time to grow up and go away already. There is so much I can say about her and the recent headlines but I am not even going to bother at this point, she is exhausting and annoying.

I am doing a before and after post, it’s been requested by many of my f0llowers since they liked the Megan Fox and Aubrey O’day posts. That will be up soon. In the mean time, what do you guys think of her face?



2 thoughts on “Picture of the day

  1. Oh my God, what is up with her face? She needs to disappear, I’m so sick of her.
    I love the new image of the blog. Please post more often.

    1. I know! She really does but the family won’t let their shine ever fade. They have an obsession with money, fame and media spotlight. Her face keeps changing and she is just too old to continue on with these lies, scripted life and tight dresses and that whole persona.

      And thank you! I keep changing it up, but there aren’t a lot of options of new and fresh lay outs but I am glad you like this! It’s my favorite. Thank you for checking out my blog, I am going back to posting a lot more like I used too…but after another week of hiatus since I will be traveling,.but just keep coming back here! I appreciate it Alice!!

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