Obsession: House of Harlow Sunglasses!

As much as I love shopping and obsessed with fashion I’ve become frugal and smart with my purchases. I don’t indulge and shop to just shop and buy just whatever is in now like I used to. I now get things I really need, really love and want and try to look for something versatile that I can wear it many times in different ways. I am not impulsive anymore and as you get older you learn not to be and just be smart with your money. Especially when I see folded clothes in my closets that never have been worn because it isn’t in anymore or I just bought out of bordem! So, girls when you shop before you splurge think about the item in the long run, sounds silly but it’s smart, think about if you are going to wear it more than once and how long they will last you. And if you are on a budget, trust me anything you would want that is pricey can be found elsewhere for a price that is decent and affordable for you! H&M, Forever 21 and department stores  in the sale section are the best to shop with a budget and remember to give it a few weeks and you will end up finding it in the sale section! So many times I would be tempted to buy stuff that is expensive and I would go back a few days, few weeks or even few months later I find them for more than half off!! And listen, if you come across items like sunglasses, handbags, jackets and shoes that are costly but you really want like what happened with me with these sunnies, allow yourself to splurge every once in a while and again remember to buy for now, buy for now and later and if you are going to spend money make sure the quality is good!

So, I recently went shopping and came across these sunglasses that I was dying over! They looked amazing on and within seconds I was getting so compliments that they look good on my shape of face. I was unsure if I wanted to spend that much on just a pair of sunglasses but I just couldn’t leave without them. They were House of Harlow 1960 by Nicole Richie, who is my absolute favorite, her style is so effortless and so chic and I love her accessory collection so I am glad I got something from her line.

They are called Chelsea Cat Eye glasses and I can’t even tell you how many compliments I got from it and they look great with everything! They are just perfection! These larger than life sunglsses have the perfect amount of that classic 1950s cat eye style but the bold frames and jet black color keep them current. They are $135.00 and sold at Neiman Marcus and Nordstom and at select boutiques.

Fashionista‘s are loving these sunnies!


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