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“There was never a discussion about it — it just came out of nowhere and blindsided Kris,” said William Humphries, the basketball star’s father, in an interview with Life & Style. “How could someone do that? Kris was completely surprised. The news was already published before he found out on the internet, Kris is hurting, but we’re here for him. It’s nice that he’s here [in Minnesota] with family during this time.” – William Humphries, Kris’s dad.

Kim left to the airport at 230 am to head to Minnesota…there are no paparazzi at the airports at midnight, celebs travel around that time to avoid it but not Kim who is in damage control. Continuing to fake a sad somber face while posing for the cameras, she headed to Kris home with paparazzi in tow and made sure to be photographed outside his home. It is reported she headed there to make nice with Kris so he won’t speak to the public.

The reasons for the break-down of the relationship are still under wraps as all the details of the marriage and divorce have been carefully managed by E! TV bosses.

Kris Humphries will definitely be getting a jerk edit on the reality show while Kimmie will be made to look like a long suffering sympathetic bride… albeit a long suffering sympathetic bride of only 72 days.

(Kim aka “perfection” who thinks the public is dumb enough to believe she never had any plastic surgery”)

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[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/447042/1534612&tbid=4720&p=&height=436&width=416]

RadarOnline.com got Kardashian’s former rep, Jonathan Jaxson, who’s currently shilling a tell-all, to talk about the diamond ring.It’s a ring the reality star bought when staging a story about being engaged to Reggie Bush. She and Bush were never engaged, but she wore the ring to start rumours in 2007 and she consonantly fired up engagement rumors and through the whole duration of their relationship she was leaking fake stories about an engagement to keep her name in the press and deny the rumors . Fast forward to 2011 and she’s wearing a similar ring. Notes Jaxon: ‘She said the ring was a gift to herself, On December 26, 2007. Kim wanted to stage a paparazzi moment and get press acting like she got engaged because she was with Reggie Bush at the time, so I did a set up with her with the same ring.’ Moreover, allegedly, ‘Jaxson had Kim visit jeweler XIV in Beverly Hills with the ring in her purse, tipped off a photographer, then had Kim slip the ring on her right hand and walk out with a XIV shopping bag.’ Media Take Out reported something similar at the time, claiming that Kardashian emailed them a tip about her own ring. Adds Jaxon, ‘The ring was something she was very proud of and was so excited to show it off. Low and behold the ring is the same ring that she allegedly got from Kris [Humphries] and had to be shipped via a Brinks truck.’ Note, MTO’s image should probably say 2007, not 2009.

The jeweler of her engagement ring with Kris Humphries is a friend of Kim and Us Magazine confirmed that the ring was valued at $2milliom but it was GIVEN to them for free. Also on the show when it was on its way in a brinks truck paparazzi shots showed a different time table. The show claims the ring arrived on May 18th and that is when he proposed but the papaz photographed Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner filming on May 25th with the same exact outfits as shown on the show.

Kim and her ex-publicist.

Via: Fashionista.com

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw’s fictional Vogue spread centered around a wedding she didn’t end up going through with, we bet that’s become every celebrity’s worst nightmare: to do an advanced wedding-themed shoot for a mag and have the wedding never happen (it was a reality for Kristen Cavallari). However, in the case of next month’s Marie Clairecover (which just surfaced on TFS), the wedding did happen. It’s just that a divorce happened extremely soon after.

The most intriguing thing about the cover, besides the fact that Kim Kardashian looks uncharacteristically natural (and pretty) is that the headline reads ‘What Went On in Her Crazy Marriage.’ The past tense implies that the interview was conducted after Kim’s marriage to Kris Humphries went south. However, Kim only filed for divorce 10 days ago. Is this further proof that Kim and Kris’ relationship was staged? And that this magazine cover story was yet another opportunity for multiple parties to cash in on it?

Monthly magazines typically close well in advance of publication–at least one month, maybe two or even three in some cases. Kim is wearing her wedding ring in the photo, which makes sense as the shoot would have to have taken place months ago, but the interview should have as well. The Fashion Spot commenters are skeptical.

J. Oliver writes, “Well, she must have really strategically planned that marriage.. covershoots AND interviews are done well in advance..” Miss Dalloway says, “Not bad at all, and im surprised she is talking about her divorce, thought that was way to[sic] soon to make it in there.” Vogue28 gives them the benefit of the doubt, but may be off on the logistics, saying, “Marie Claire must have got back in contact, and arranged to re-interview, after news broke out regarding the divorce. The magazine has landed right on the money with this one.” Z.Posen is pissed: “Marie Claire should be ashamed of itself for putting trash on their cover…especially after her greedy wedding stunt.”

It’s possible that Marie Claire somehow managed to change the cover headline at the last minute (assuming this cover is real), and update their interview, but it seems unlikely given the lead time monthly magazines require.

— This will be the last time I write about this trash media scheming bucket. A lot of my visitors have asked me on the comments to continue to do posts about her but I am done. She is not worth the time and energy. Kris Jenner and Kim do not handle negative publicity well so it will interesting and disgusting to see how they will spin this around and for the public to stop bashing Kim. She will never allow her extended minutes of fame to expire, she thrives off fame and this is why she will never go away. If she really saw a future of her stepping away from Hollywood she would have sucked it up and made an effort to move to Minnesota and make her “marriage” work and not play with a man’s heart and drag him down for fame, money and attention. They are media manipulators, they will constantly leak info through “sources” to websites like TMZ, Perezhilton and Us Weekly and do whatever it takes to stay relevant. Everything about them is calculated, staged, endorsed and orchestrated…well, whatever kudos to them for creating an empire in less than 5 years.


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