Quote of the day

Oops! Kelly Rowland Accidentally Confirms Beyonce Is Having a Girl

Via: US Weekly

Hope Aunt Kelly’s not in big trouble now with Sasha Fierce!

Kelly Rowland accidentally revealed the gender of pregnant Beyonce‘s baby-to-be to Us Weekly at the Cosmopolitan Awards in London Thursday night.

Rowland dished to Us about her Destiny’s Child bandmate’s pregnancy — and what she might get for the baby at the baby shower.

“I don’t know,” Rowland, 30, said, referring to the unborn child as “her.” “I think her dad [Jay-Zis gonna give her everything anyways, all I can give her is love.”

Will the child of multimillionaires Beyonce and Jay-Z — who are reportedly building a 2,200 square-foot nursery at their NYC pad — be spoiled?

“I think she’ll be very well behaved,” Rowland replied, once again using the feminine “she. “Her parents will make sure of that.”


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