Reality Stars to Fashion Desginers

Nicole Richie: She became popular for being 80 pounds. No one gave her a glance before when she was on Simple Life with Paris Hilton. Hiring Rachel Zoe as her stylist was the best thing she ever did, Zoe transformed her style to bohemian chic, inspired her career in fashion and single handling made Nicole Richie a house hold name and a trend setter. I love her style, what I love about her is that she manages to look stylish even when she is dressed casual. She is good at putting simple pieces together to make it look trendy. Her fashion line is pretty good but  she has to widen her bohemian look to more of a trendy version for the masses and cut down her prices. I get annoyed by all these celebrities that pop up out of no where and become fashion designers but I don’t mind Richie, she doesn’t do anything else, she isn’t out there putting her name on everything and she really seems to have a passion for it and only focus on that.

Lauren Conrad: Bores me, BUT I give her credit because she had the ability to make the public think she knows about the fashion industry and made herself known in it. Her style is boring like her brain. She never “wows”, she sticks to the same type of style that is trendy the first time but after a while of the same type of hair style and clothing it gets played out. We haven’t seen her evolve, transform or anything. She has just sticks to the same style, which is okay for her but that isn’t what fashion is about and she clearly knows nothing about it. It’s just easy for celebs to be whatever they decide to be and these days being a “fashion designer” has become the trend that won’t go away.  So she is now a designer, she had a failed fashion line and is working on her clothing line again with different styles and cheaper prices. I checked out her new line at Kohls and it was just horrendous with plain cheap looking clothing over priced. She wrote a book about fashion and styling which I think is a joke. The girl who grew up at the beach wearing Havaianas and seven jeans with only 5-6 years under her belt in tinsel town shouldn’t be writing a book on fashion period, let alone consider herself a designer.

Kim Kardashian: As you know by now, I am not a fan of the Kardashian clan. They are hypocrites and their is nothing authentic about them. Kim has all these fashion and jewelry lines that she is “designing”, amongst other never ending promotional tour of endorsements. When the reality show began and she was being known more than for being in a sex tape and Hilton’s BFF her style was never on point. Her signature style was and still wearing tight dresses that flaunts her ass and cleavage…that is the only thing that hasn’t changed with her! She was never stylish and now that she is a huge worldwide celebrity thanks to her stylist her fashion has been on point, sometimes other times she just tries way too hard. Her stylist Monica Rose picks out her clothes for the red carpet, to the airport and even for every day. She can’t even put an outfit together and her clothing line with her sisters is made by real designers with the Kardashian name being stamped on it and it’s all a copy cat, they take the ideas of the expensive designer clothes. They have already been sued by three designers for copy infringement. They also had a failed fashion line with BeBe and she also is a “jewelry designer” for her own collection, for BeBe, her own line Belle Noel, a watch line and for their Kardashian Kollection at Sears. When she was considered a “fashion icon” at the MTV awards, my heart stopped beating for a few seconds out of heartbreak for the whole meaning of fashion. She now considers herself a fashion icon, a Hollywood icon and a fashion designer. I think that she went to fashion because it was an easy transition and a smart business move. Girls and women everywhere loved her look and endorsement deals expire, she doesn’t know how to act and her attempt at doing everything else failed so what was left for them to do than to create a fashion lifestyle brand? Especially when you get your ideas from actual designers and you aren’t working hard on them other than promoting. I just really think it’s a joke to consider yourself a fashion designer when you have a stylist that picks out your every single outfit from day to night and you just put your name on labels and that its, its that easy.

Snookie: I mean really?! Nicole Snookie Polizzi…who would have thought!? I guess I can understand that these people take every opportunity that they get to make more money and to be more famous. The girl who became famous from looking like a drunk classless but funny adorable fool in Jersey Shore obviously doesn’t know how to dress and always look a hot mess but she is herself and she owns it. For Snookie to be called a fashion designer is the biggest crock of crap ever. She clearly knows nothing about it but I give her credit for not lying and saying she is designing everything and that is a dream come true for her like what the Kardashians say for every endorsement, Snookie is doing it for the moment because she is hot right now and her crazy style can sell and make her more money because she knows to take advantage of all opportunities now, she’s hot right now and that will fade away but she can be rich forever.


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