Thought of the day

The love, respect and admiration I have for my mother and other single mothers is indescribable. Those closest to me don’t understand why I am so guarded, truly don’t care about love and a man and so independent is because I learned the hard way to never depend on anyone else other than yourself and your education. My mother has been doing it on her own for 12 years now, and she just continues to amaze and inspire me. Regardless of what me, my sister and mother each went through individually and together, we always pulled through.

As much as we hurt each other at times with the things we say and do, the amount of respect I have of her out weighs everything. I am constantly reminded of all that she has done for us, all that she has been through that explains why she is the way she is and who she is as a person and it brings me such joy to see how much everyone around her respects her. She is resilient, strong, inspirational and has so much strength.

We are completely two different people. We see the world differently and you would just never believe that I came out of her, our differences make us clash constantly but we also have a bond that is unbreakable. My mother has always had a hard time showing and giving love. Sometimes I feel like she is frozen and is very hard to get through other times I see her broken and tries very hard to not let it show through. She never received love when she was younger and has a hard time letting anyone in, she has always had to be too strong and brave and I don’t believe that there was much love between her and my father during their marriage. When I was little I always remembered that, it was hard to forget knowing how my Grandmother is and can be and also knowing how my father was. On on the other hand, i love to give and show love. I love hard, I always longed for someone to show me love so I know how important it is to show people you love and care about. I’m always being affectionate and loving towards her and reminding her how important, special and beautiful she truly is. She deserves so much and I will always have her on a high pedestal.

I am just understanding my mother more as I get older. Regardless of anything that’s happened between us or will happen I have so much admiration and appreciation for her. Besides, a mother and daughter relationship is so complicated yet unique. I also have so much admiration to other single mothers who have put their children before themselves and who tried their best to be everything they can be for them. It doesn’t go unnoticed, even though we hold on to the negative a little bit more than we should all the positive and all that you do is what we hold close to us. There is no love greater than a mothers love, the greater the love the greater loss.


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