Obsessed: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Every time I go to CVS or Rite Aid I see the Sally Hansen Salon Effect strips and I am always curious about it but never bothered to buy till now. I love getting my nails done but I hate how fast it gets ruined, one small chip on a nail ruins everything for me. So I finally bought it and I am now obsessed!

I could have done a better job applying it but I didn’t so bad for a first attempt. I am literally ditching manicures and only sticking to this. It’s fun and you can always switch it up, they have 24 different designs but to find all of them will be hard to find.

Each box comes with 16 nail strips (extras in case you make a mistake) and of course different sizes so you can find ones that fit your nail bed, a cuticle pusher, detailed instructions, and a nail file. I recommend that you have warm hands or fingertips when you apply these so that when you smooth out the nail strip it seals it onto your natural nail and helps it stay. Also, press on it for a few seconds for it stay in tact.

– They have a variety of cool designs and colors, from lace, zebra, high-impact glitter, neon, matte, shimmer, etc. to choose from.
– Super easy to apply and remove, and very natural looking. It only took me 10 minutes or less to do both hands, and you can remove it with regular nail polish remover.
– Great if you are pressed for time and need to do a quick manicure, no need to wait for them to dry!
– Not all of the nail strips will fit all nail beds, but it’s not too noticeable, just gotta find the one that fits you the best.

Minimal chipping on index fingernail, but still in tact for the most part.



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