Styled by Damita

Don’t mind my messy room…and shoes in my room is a big no no but what mama doesn’t know won’t hurt!

So the other day after a long day of work I made last minute plans and didn’t have enough time to get ready! Luckily for me I am very visual so I already had in my mind what I was going to wear, enjoying the last warm day in NYC I chose to go with a fuzzy faux fur vest that I must admit kind of looks like an ostrich but I love it! I wore a plain white tank top and jeggings with thigh high flat boots. It is a very simple outfit but I like it.

A lot of my friends rave about my outfits and beg me to go shopping with them to pick out their clothing, sometimes I wonder what it is that they see and love because I look at my style as simple, chic and I don’t try too hard. They always tell me that they love how I put everything together. I don’t like to over dress, my style is defiantly effortless. Simple is always more and it’s all about accessorizing for me. I don’t feel confident in my body yet so I go for comfort instead of what I really want to wear! Soon I will be able to have fun with clothing and not just play it safe.

The vest made this an outfit. Just choose an item, whether it’s a scarf, vest, jacket, top or shoes and work around it. I tried on a black tank top but it didn’t look good because the jeans were too light, so I knew white would be perfect. I have a bad habit for wearing loose tops that make me look bigger than I am but I just find them super comfortable. I love colors and mixing and matching so I wanted a bag that pops, so I chose a dark green fringe hobo bag.

So this simple outfit got me  a lot of compliments, to my surprise, for a casual night out to dinner.

What I wore:
Jeggings by New York & Company, $65
White tank top by Gap, $15
Fur vest, (random boutique) $25
Fringe green bag, BiJuJu $35
Necklace by Forever 21 $8.50
Thigh high flat boots, Chinese Laundry $115


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