You can be too young to own a Hermes Birkin bag!

The fancy Hermes Birkin bag is part of the Kardashian family. Kim has one in every single color, Kris Jenner is following up to her and Khloe has several of them and Kourtney is working on just one and now the younger ones get one too. The bag retails from $5,300 to $100,000. I think that Kylie Jenner who just turned 14 years old is way to young to be wearing an Hermes bag.

As someone who dreams of owning a Birkin bag one day, even if I had millions and millions I think having a Birkin collection is way too much. I think one is enough and that is coming from someone who doesn’t even own one! I think it’s tacky to own them in every color possible when the bag is worth thousands and thousands of dollars. Is it flaunting wealth or really collecting them? It’s funny how years ago you had to be in a waiting list to get the bag and they were extremely exclusive, and now literally every reality tv star is wearing them and I see them everywhere. If it wasn’t for the Kardashians wearing them no one would even know what a Birkin is, none of my friends knew when I would mention it just a year ago! Anyway, again I think a 14 year old owning a Birkin bag is too young, no matter how rich your family is. If you don’t understand what the bag is about and what it represents than you might think it’s silly of me to think she is too young for it but either way you would think the same if you see her wear a Chanel!


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