Curious Case of Beyonce’s Belly!


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beyonce baby bump

beyonce leather cut out gown


Since announcing her pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, Beyonce Knowles baby bump has been playing tricks on us, mysteriously disappearing and reappearing before our eyes! Rumors have been buzzing on the internet that she is wearing a prosthetic baby bump. I don’t believe that however I do kind of wonder if she did on the night she announced it, the bump looks bigger than when she has been spotted recently. Maybe she did it because she wanted the belly to show more because she was announcing it. Blogs from Bossip Mediatakeout and Radar Online and so many more have all been reporting on the curious case of Beyonce’s baby bump. So many of their viewers have left them comments about it. She defiantly is pregnant but her belly sure has it’s mood swings! I would never do a post on something like this these other blogs are brainwashing me (this is why MY blog is the best!) but I want to see what you guys think and honestly there is a difference between her belly in August at the awards and this week wearing the black cut off dress. What do you guys think?


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