Video of the day

It has been over a decade since Beyonce released the Destiny’s Child track, ‘Say My Name’ but it looks as though her hubby Jay-z is the one person that can make her forget her own name. Over the Summer, Beyonce made an appearance on the French show ‘LeGrand Journal’ and Jay-z made a surprise appearance in the middle of her interview. He was asked the question, ‘If you had to be a famous woman, who would you like to be’ and he described the the woman as someone he knew:

‘She use to be in this group. She’s about this tall, blonde hair, and she has brown eyes. She’s beautiful but I forget her name but she made a song called ‘Put A Ring On It” or something. I think I would want to be her. She’s very, very attractive.’

Beyonce was asked to guess but she was blushing so hard, she couldn’t remember her own name.

After 9 years of dating, 3 years of marriage and a new baby on the way, Jay still makes her gush as if they just met. That was a cute moment!


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