Weezy F baby, what the eff baby?!

Via: NYMAG.com

It takes a certain kind of engineering for pants to hug the thighs enough to not fall completely off while allowing most of one’s behind to hang out the back. But Lil Wayne’s secret is out: The pants that did just that for him while he performed at the VMAs were actually jeggings. Women’s jeggings, presumably worn in a very large size to look more like the jeans and less like the leggings part of the equation. Clothing label Tripp NYC confirmed on their Facebook page that the leopard bottoms are actually a women’s style, and available for purchase on Karmaloop.com for $44. Now that this “news” is making the rounds online, you might want to buy now, since these days you never know when a man will pull a Kate Middleton and cause a pair of leopard jeggings to sell out in five minutes.

Confirmed: Lil Wayne Wore Women’s Jeggings At The VMAs [Complex]


– Why, I mean really…why?! I hate when men wear tight pants to begin with, but jeggings now!? He looks so stupid, stupiddddddddd I telll ya!



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