Style of the week

Ugh!!! I hate posting about this chick but she covers up all the news feed in pop culture and in fashion!! I have yet to accept the fact that she will never go away.

But I had too post about this outfit because I am in love with it! I love love chiffon blouses like the one she has on. I have about 7 of them in different colors. There is just something about the style of the top that is so chic to me, you can wear it in so many different ways – circle high waisted skirt like how she is wearing it, pants, high waisted pants, shorts and jeans. You might think what is the big deal about this top but like I ALWAYS say simple is more! My style is very simple, sophisticated, sexy, chic and there is always a hint of glamour.

I love the colors her stylist Monica Rose chose, the Quail blush top goes perfectly with the white Exclusive for Intermix skirt. It’s so vibrant, light and great for an all day summer outfit.


Title #0

EXCLUSIVE Hand Lace Mini Skirt


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