Enough Already!!!


Kim Kardashian has built an empire by making her private life public. Almost every aspect of her life, intimate relationships, and body have been captured on-camera, and now that she got married every aspect of the wedding has been revealed and taped. I don’t get how a man can be okay with all of that, but she got lucky because no other man who isn’t hungry for fame just like her will allow of this to be exposed and used for money.

Kim’s “sexy, superprivate” honeymoon to new hubby, Kris Humphries-Kardashian was anything but, as she invited the paparazzi to photograph every moment the couple spent in the $3,300-per-night five-star Hotel Santa Caterina along Italy’s Amalfi Coast! Kim, who I guess was in the mood to make another sex tapemake some money during the romantic vacation, Kris (husband, not mother) supposedly planned last minute, decided to offer the mag exclusive photos!

Here are a few very “intimate” “private” “non-scripted” moments between the two of them on their “honeymoon”.

UWhile she was on The View Barbra Walters pointed out to her that it wasn’t so private and Kim said “There was people everywhere being sneaky and wouldn’t let us have our privacy. We actually had to cut our honey moon short because they didn’t let us enjoy our time…” and she was cut off. So ridiculous, I can only hope no one believed more lies out of them.





You would think she would do a simple band because of his tacky and huge her engagement ring is. This setting is so gaudy and tacky. You can have the big diamond and still have it be tasetful.



Although Kim claims: “We were planning on waiting til next summer to take a honeymoon, but Kris surprised me last minute!” Truth is, the couple went on the vacation because US Weekly offered to pay for the trip with the Kardashian’s usual tag along photographer, in exchange for the rights to capture Kim & Kris snuggling while Kim donned a series of skimpy outfits and itty-bitty, practically non-existent bikinis.  They were only there for 4 days and she had many bikini changes for the pictures because she is also promoting her bikini line. Exactly why you see them in every tabloid every single week, they get paid for you to believe lies of rumors that they create with hidden “sources” and read about their personal lives that they have no problem sharing on TV and in magazines.


Revealing just how much K&K’s newlywed moments are worth, gossip maven Rob Shuter Tweeted the following: “I love @KimKardashian! She sold exclusive pics from her honeymoon to @usweekly for $200,000 #Genuis. What will a baby exclusive be worth?”

– I don’t get how you have a photographer tag along with you to fake candid pictures but you don’t even try to make it look candid when you are clearly posing and have on make up at the beach. All their pictures whether they are out shopping or on vacation are staged and they don’t even try to make it look it isn’t! Gotta give credit how they manipulate the media and fans and how it’s smart how they have control over their image. Kim makes sure all her pictures in bikinis are photo-shopped. Kris Jenner has deals with many net works and magazines to not make fun and report on the Kardashians only in a positive light. E!’s show The Soup is banned from talking about the Kardashians negatively and so are bloggers like Perez Hilton, whom they have a deal with and who was not only invited to Kim’s wedding but isn’t allowed to make fun of her like he does to every celeb or mention the sex tape.

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The link of the video is not working on my blog but please see for yourself how disgusting they are.


Here are some comments from Usweekly.com:

Heaven forbid they do anything in private. Every move they make is all on how they can make money. It’s sickening. I’m seriously exhausted by these people. I wish they please would go away

Is it only me or is that ring way too big? God forbid Kim goes for something classy

i lost all respect for kim!! this is just fake!! ewwww she really is selling everything

Alone time, right, they obviously got paid for this, sad, your honeymoon is supposed to be private, unfortunately with the kardashians its all about MONEY

Thus is too funny. Sooo fake.


Here are some more staged photos. The family recently went on a family vacation, they stayed at the exclusive private island resort and somehow “candid” photos that are clearly photo-shopped of the family were captured, meaning they had a tag long photographer and got paid for a magazine spread US magazine whom they have  a contract with. Business doesn’t stop there, they are also promoting their swimwear line. Maybe that’s why Khloe is never vacationing with them so she won’t be photographed because according to the world she isn’t bikini worthy and Pimp Kris Jenner has expressed how she feels she is messing up their diet supplement deal with Quick trim due to her not being in tip-top shape. I have been to an island like that in St. Kitts, you need two planes and a two hour boat ride to get to the island. No one in the world can ever find you. And another set of staged photos when they went to Mexico and stayed at a private location, Joe Francis home where many celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore vacation in discreet because the house comes with a private beach that NO ONE has access to, they took a private plane to get there and yet “candids” with full on hair and make up and photo-shop somehow made their way and also the photographer snapped pictures inside the house to snap every moment. -__-

Kardashian Family Vacation!: Sex on the Beach

Kardashian Family Vacation!: Kardashian Klan

Kardashian Family Vacation!: A Perfect Fit

Kardashian Family Vacation!: Mason the Adventurer

Kardashian Family Vacation!: Lovers' Stroll

Kardashian Family Vacation!: Girls Gone Wild

Kardashian Family Vacation!: Rowrrr!

Kardashian Family Vacation!: Late Night Fun

White hot: Kim worked out every day while in Mexico

Getting broody, Kim? Little Mason joined the pair after a beach stroll

Stealing kisses: Kris showered his famously curvy girlfriend with affection

Plenty of PDA: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries put on an affectionate show in Mexico

Oh! To make it better. Not to long ago she released a song and to her surprise it got bad reviews, she even made a video she was planning to release and even mentioned it on her blog with behind the scenes pictures of the music video set, than her and her family said that she never intended to release the video, she did it for herself. Yeah, make your lies a little more believable next time. Here is the leaked sneak peak of the horrendous song and video that looks like a second sex tape of hers.


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