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kim wedding dress

Kim Kardashian's wedding

Kim Kardashian's wedding

Kim Kardashian's wedding

Kim Kardashian's wedding

Kim Kardashian's wedding

I think she looked beautiful. I do. I think the wedding was more for media frenzy and made for TV than what a wedding is supposed to be. They made $18 million and barely paid for anything, even down to their rings in exchange for advertisement.

They had 460 guests, including family and friends were business partners, bloggers, TV hosts, magazine editors and photographers from paparazzi agencies. As well as over a hundred staff members and film crew  for the E! network.

I personally don’t like her dress. I was sure she was going to choose something that would have me speechless but she didn’t come through for me.

I don’t like basque waisted gowns; the corset looked like it was sculpted for her body and the veil and jewelry were all way too much.

The way she is posing and the choice of her gown was way too princess-say and it seemed so stiff and fake. Instead of being a typical bride that has dreamt about this day all her life, having an intimate wedding and feeling the love of her loved ones around her, it was as if she was playing a role of a bride instead and everyone was in character and it was all a production for their reality show. Besides, she barley knows the guy! After 5 months of being together and engaged for three months, everything is so quick and all about business you don’t see anything genuine about them, not even in pictures. Their reality show season SIX ended with the proposal that was shown on TV that was clearly staged.  For someone that is a b-ball player and not in the reality world to be so comfortable proposing in front of a camera crew was a little suspect. Her reaction wasn’t of someone who has been desperate to get married, especially finally being proposed to from a brief relationship you would expect more of a shock and surprise. Also, paparazzi picture tells everything and shows the difference of dates and events. For instance, the scene with Kris and khloe talking about the ring and waiting for it to arrive while filming at their clothing store pictures showed them at the store with the same exact outfits on May 25th and she was proposed to on May 18th.

When she was looking up at him I couldn’t help but think she was wishing her groom was Reggie Bush instead!

I like that she went with light with the eye make up. I don’t mind the head piece, I know that will be a huge bridal trend now but I don’t think it went with the dress. You have to wear something simple to not overwhelm the whole look.

Soon after she got married, the next day Vera Wang released images of her three dresses in her lower end bridal line for future brides to have a chance to look like Kim on their wedding day and announced that Kim will be doing a joint dress line collaboration with Wang.

During the wedding specials she looked like she was playing a role of a bride who gets her happily ever after and was trying to convince and make herself believe in it. Kris Humphries looks like he got caught up, he loves her but it always seems like he is forcing himself to be in love with her.


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