Styled by Damita

I just found this amazing and addictive website where I can put my styling skills to work! It’s a template and I can drag and chose items (that includes links of all chosen pieces!) from fashion designers and out together an outfit.

As I have said before I love putting pieces together. I am very visual and creative. If I see a pair of shoes or even a handbag I automatically can picture an outfit from head to toe – even with hair and make up. So this website is the next best thing for me. I have to admit, I get mad when I pick out these beautiful clothes and style them when I don’t have them in my hand and I can’t wear them myself! However, what is amazing about this program is that after I put together an outfit I can make it come to life by looking for similar pieces.

feminine menswear

I have mentioned before how much I am loving menswear inspired outfits. Check out previous post featuring favorite menswear outfits. Well, we can easily get in with the latest trend! I chose to go with black skinny jeans and spiked ankle boots to make it look feminine, I love red with black and white so I chose to go with red earrings instead of red lips and go with smokey eyes with a white blouse that has a black collar. The hair in a sleek tight pony tail and a simple bag. Just keep it simple, you look stylish and be confident. Not a lot of girls can pull off this look.

Remember, if you see an outfit you love in a magazine or worn by a celeb, don’t worry about the price and designer of it because you can easily make your own outfit inspired by what you see. Sometimes you will get lucky and find similar pieces for a cheaper price, other times you don’t but that shouldn’t stop you! My advice is look for one thing that matches your inspiration and go from their – for example, this white blouse with a black collar for the menswear inspired outfit.

Thankfully we have H&M and Forever 21 for us rescission-istas!

Moschino silk blouse
$895 –

J Brand skinny jeans
$279 –

Sam Edelman high heels
$314 –

Rebecca Minkoff black leather bag
$250 –

Hoop earrings
$11 –


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