Itching for a change!

I have been itching for a hair change for a little while now. I am not daring when it comes to hair changes, colors and cuts. My hair takes for-evahhhh to grow and due to Psoriasis and Thyroid I loose A LOT of hair. I am a natural brunette and my real hair is pin straight but when I was a little girl I was a brat when it came to my nannies coming near me trying to style my hair and dress me. I hated when the nanny would brush my hair so I never allowed anyone to brush it or do anything with it. I wanted to dress and style myself every morning. Eventually not brushing my beautiful hair came back to haunt me, it started to get curly, wavy and straight all at once! It became very hard to manage.

Two years ago I dyed my hair black and I think it’s the color for me. I now hate it when my hair gets lighter, I especially love it when I have on smokey eye make up! My mom of course thinks its too dark and now my friends are saying I look too boring since I’ve had the same hair style  and stick to black. Uh, don’t they know once you go black, you don’t go back!? I’ve done bangs – side bangs and blunt bangs -, I’ve done layers, I had short hair and I cared because I hated it! Right now, I am doing the 3 month trim to help my hair grow so I am not doing any new style until it gets long but I am thinking of doing a hair color change. I am loving the ombre hair style. I noticed it when watching Guiliana Rancic. I can’t do blonde hair and I googled ombre hair color for dark hair and I saw the following:

I am really loving Camilla Alves hair color and my hair is just an inch shorter than hers. I think I am going to go for it. I still get to keep my black hair! Only problem is…finding a gay hair stylist to do it for me! They are amazing at everything and anything honey!

What do you guys think?


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