Ryan Seacrest Bringing ‘Shahs of Sunset’ to Bravo

Ryan Seacrest is going into the Bravo business. His Ryan Seacrest Productions is partnering with Bravo on an upcoming docu-series currently carrying the working title “Shahs of Sunset.” The series will follow a group of young Persian-American friends who juggle their flamboyant, fast-paced L.A. lifestyles with the demands of their families and traditions.

“The Persian American community in Los Angeles is a perfect fit for Bravo’s next great docu-series,” Executive Vice President of Original Programming and Development Andy Cohen said of the project. “The group of friends featured in our show are colorful, affluent, and fun.”

“We’re pleased to bring this exciting new story of a distinct and compelling community of Los Angeles to the Bravo audience,” Ryan said. “The series will offer rich characters and relatable storylines about everyday life — love, work, friendship and family — steeped in a diverse culture, which is wildly entertaining and fun.”

Andy added, “Ryan and his team understand what our viewers want to see and when they brought us this group we responded immediately. There’s not a show like it on TV.”

The over-the-top opulence of “Shahs of Sunset” should nestle nicely next to the Real Housewives and Million Dollar Decorators of the Bravo-verse, and Ryan Seacrest Productions certainly knows how to mine reality gold — they’re the people behind the Kardashians’ reality empire.

– Sounds veryyy interesting. It’s a great idea and something that I am sure many women will relate to. I am sure it will be done tastefully and they’ll choose the right cast. Of course I’ll be tuning in. I wonder why it’s only Persian women, they should do a mix of women of various cultures in the Middle East. Now that would be interesting and good to see, to show some ignorant Americans that they are not all the same! That’s why as bratty as Larsa Pippen was I was glad she was on Real Housewives of Miami and said how proud she was to be Lebanese and Iranian and showed her lifestyle is just the same as the next girl. What makes a middle eastern girl any different than the next girl? I just think people don’t have the accurate representation of Arabic women.

What do you think of the new show? Will you be watching?


2 thoughts on “Ryan Seacrest Bringing ‘Shahs of Sunset’ to Bravo

    1. It sure does!! But it’s been about a year now and it has not aired! Hope it is still int he works! Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you keep coming back and I hear from you again soon!!

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