Guiliana and Bill Rancic

I seriously love Bill and Giuliana Rancic! I love them together and I think they are a good representation of marriage. They have fun together, they let each other be who and how every they want and you can tell by watching them how much they love each other and mostly love being together. I really think and I really hope their marriage does last forever. Guiliana has the cutest personality I’ve ever seen on TV! Literally wish I was best friends with her LOL. I’ve been watching their show since it started, Season 4 on Style Network has just premiered and I still can’t get enough of them…still can’t help but feel jealous of their marriage! Every girl deserves a husband like Bill! Last season was very deep and tough to watch as she went through a miscarriage and they were struggling to have a baby with IVF treatments but I think it was good to see because no one talks about it and unfortunately a lot of women are going through the same thing but their is no voice for that issue and what Bill and Giuliana was inspiring. It made me feel more for my cousin and her husband who went and still going through the same issue. They remind me so much of Bill and Giuliana, they travel, they have fun together and they are still in-sync after weathering heavy burdens in marriages and life. It’s so sad to see and I think it’s unfair how women like Casey Anthony can be mothers and the women who long to be and will make mothers can’t be. I guess everything happens for a reason and although God hasn’t blessed them with the baby, he did bless them with each other.

Here is an interview they did USA Today:

Q: When you started with the series, did you envision it would go this far?

Bill: Not a chance.

Giuliana: I thought probably three (seasons) max.

Bill: I did not want to do the show at first.

Giuliana: I had to dupe him. But it’s been fun, and we had no idea where it would go. We get tweets from all over the world. … It’s incredible how many people we’ve been able to connect with.

Q: Is this the season where we’ll finally see you both settle down in the same city?

Giuliana: Part of this season, Bill definitely spends more time in L.A. When we have kids, we’ll want to be in Chicago. But for now, what’s really nice is we can be anywhere. So much of Bill’s job is on the road, so when he’s not traveling, he’s in L.A.

Bill: It’s not my favorite city. If she wasn’t here, I certainly wouldn’t be there.

Giuliana: It’s not so much that he has a dislike for L.A., but Chicago … they really know how to live. … It’s not like in L.A., where people are like, ‘What can you do for me?’ There’s not that mentality there.

Q: Throughout the series, we’ve been able to see Bill’s home renovating skills in action. For the record, how many homes do you currently have and where are they?

Bill: Thanks. I was just asked to do a home renovation show, so I’m currently in talks for that. We have a house in Los Angeles, and I’m trying to convince G to have an in-town pad in Chicago.

Giuliana: You see in the first episode the notion of selling the Chicago house we just built, and that comes up, so basically now the main place is L.A.

Q: Giuliana, will we see your parents, who are familiar faces on the show, come for a visit?

Giuliana: They’re in a lot of this season!

Bill: Probably too much …

Giuliana: They end up staying with us for an extended period of time. Bill sees a different side of me that he never knew. I remember one time, I’m in the bedroom, and Bill walks in thinking we are going to have some sexy time. But me and my mom and my dad are all in bed watching TV, and I’m eating cereal. I’m the baby of the family, and they still baby me.

Q: Your mom is always cooking — what’s this talk we hear of a possible restaurant?

Giuliana: Yes! The idea came up because my mom is an amazing cook and she lives to cook. When she comes to visit, there are lines of friends … they just want to come over and eat her pasta. My mom loves feeding people, so we thought of the idea of opening a Mama DePandi restaurant. But the question is where to do it.

Bill: People in L.A. don’t eat pasta, they eat sushi and salad, and for some reason, Giuliana doesn’t understand that. In Chicago, they have a passion for food and they love it.

Giuliana: Yes, but we could do a wheat pasta! Maybe?

Q: We know Giuliana, who was born in Italy, is fluent in Italian. Bill, we’ve seen you practice yours — how’s it coming along?

Bill: It’s OK. Not great, but it’s getting better. I’d like spend a year in Italy when I’m older and really master the language.

Q: Viewers have watched your struggles with trying to have a baby, a topic on which you’ve been very open. Has that been hard to do so publicly?

Giuliana: I think at the beginning, it certainly was. I don’t think we realized what we were signing up for. Anywhere you go, from the grocery store to the airplane, people are going to ask you about it. Sometimes you don’t feel like talking about it. It’s just hard.

Bill: On the flip side, it’s been very rewarding … being able to open up the conversation for others.

Giuliana: We were at the gym this morning, and this guy came up to me, and he was like, “Oh, I just want to thank you and your husband. You inspire my wife. She’s giong through IVF, and we know we’re not alone.” It’s really nice (to inspire others) — really, no one talks about this, and the fact that we can use our profiles to talk about it and make people feel better about themselves.

Q: Everyone is wishing you both the best. Are you still trying?

Giuliana: Yeah, but right now is the year of fun. In the first episode, we’re talking about it, and we had heard bad news. Bill’s like, ‘You know what? Let’s get back to who we are and have a year of fun. Let’s do all of the things we couldn’t do if we had a baby. Traveling, drinking lots of wine.’ It’s always in the back of our mind, but we’re not actively trying.

Q: The two of you wrote a book together, I Do, Now What? Secrets, Stories, and Advice From a Madly-in-Love Couple. What advice can you offer?

Bill: We wrote the book because people would come up to us and say, “Oh, you look so in love, what’s your secret?” We did research, talked to therapists, psychologists … we found that one of the most important things is checking in with one another. It’s a time to see how the other person’s day is going. On the flip side, it’s also time to say, “Hey, I really like the fact that you’re doing this or that,” and we praise each other.

Giuliana: I remember one time during Season 1, and we checked in after doing a day of interviews about the show. Bill was like, “Well, I’m a little annoyed because you interrupted me a million times and basically dominated the conversation.” I watched the interviews and was horrified. We were able to nip it in the bud early. It’s an opportunity to get it off your chest before it blows up into something big.

Q: Let’s talk about your day jobs. Giuliana, you make covering the red carpet look so easy. How do you do it?

Giuliana: I love it. I love talking!

Bill: That is true!

Giuliana: I love hearing people’s stories. I’m passionate about it, and when you are passionate about something, you can succeed in it. When I was growing up, I always used to ask people qustions about their lives. The fact that I’ve been able to make a living about it is amazing. To prepare, I underprepare. I ask what I’m really thinking.

Q: Your website, which still carries your maiden name (, now redirects readers to Tell us a bit about that.

Giuliana: I was able to build a really big following on Twitter by just answering questions about diet and exercise. People are like, “How did you get so many followers?” If you look at my first tweets, it was about diet and fitness … I can’t get all my advice out in 140 characters. It’s doing incredibly well and I love doing entertainment news, but at the end of the day, it’s something people can do and I can help them with.

Bill: Sometimes too much advice. I’m kidding.

Giuliana: I love to give Bill advice. Thankfully he doesn’t take it most of the time!

Q: Bill, you seem to have so much going on, touring the USA to give motivational speeches, producing shows — you’re even still involved inThe Apprentice?

Bill: (Donald Trump) still brings me back on as a judge occasionally. … I’m very grateful and appreciative for everything he’s done for me. Had it not been for the Donald, I would have not met my wife.

Giuliana: I would have married the runner-up!


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