Monica & Shannon: Mr. & Mrs. Brown

 The Insider’s Kevin Frazier gives us a sneak peek inside Monica and Lakers guard Shannon Brown’s blue themed wedding that was held at a historic cathedral in downtown LA over the weekend, July 9th. A few famous faces of the bridal party included Ciara and Vanessa Bryant and groomsmen were Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant. Its been reported that instead of Vanessa Byrant, Khloe Kardashian Odom was supposed to have been a bridesmaid since they are close friends but due to a death in Lamar’s family, Vanessa stepped in last minute. The 300 guests were all asked to wear shades of blue and purple. The couple were seen whispering sweet things to each other throughout the ceremony, in which Monica tells Kevin, ‘He asked me if I was his forever and I answered and said a lot of other stuff I’m glad you couldn’t hear’.

The couple met last summer where he was featured in her music video “Love all over me“, ironically the video is about her marrying her new love (Shannon) after leaving a relationship that wasn’t good for and she asked fans to chose which man she should go with and everyone voted for Shannon. (Monica had recently broke up wit with her ex-fiancee and father of her two boys after 10 years together), Shannon and Monica were engaged in September and married quietly with just the two of them and their mothers in November.Shannon has a 2 year old son from a previous relationship and Monica has two boys, ages 6 and 3.

– Her dress was nice, not beautiful. I don’t like the bridesmaid dresses but they’re okay and I defiantly don’t like Monica’s hair or the hair color. I like black hair on her and she just have just went with a clean classic high bun…it would have went with the dramatic dress. I also don’t like that she changed into the same dress as the bridesmaid for the reception, she should have went with something different, more fitting and wore a white dress.

Monica also revealed that she cried the first time she saw her dress. “I went to Paris. Stephan Rolland actually created my dress and my reception dress as well and I cried when I first saw it. But once I saw my kids go down and I looked up and saw him, I saw all of my girlfriends and everybody that meant something to us was all in one place, I just had to take a deep breath because I was trying not to cry. I was overwhelmed. I’m glad that I didn’t think about this 50lb train that was behind me.”

After the beautiful wedding, Monica released the following statement:

“This is a very special time in my life. I am blessed to have married the man that God sent me; he’s loving, compassionate, strong and supportive of my children, family, and career. I look forward to our life together.

Check out a few pics from the wedding, plus video footage of the wedding below:


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