Video of the day

We’ve been hearing a lot about Beyonce’s new album ‘4’. It’s her fourth number one album but it was her lowest in sale numbers, her first time not having a number single, Run The World is at # 35 and Best Thing I never Had is at #85 on the charts. But Beyonce fans are a strong army and her supporters went out and bought the album regardless of not liking the songs. She also didn’t do any promotion in the states, she just did an MTV documentary as she focused her promo tour in the UK since her song and album are number one and she’s having better sucess with this album there.

I am a big Beyonce fan, but I don’t like this album at all. It’s good to change and grow with your music and do something different for every album but this just doesn’t do it for me. The songs aren’t that good, usually a Beyonce album you never skip a song. It’s too much of her showing off her vocals and she doesn’t need to be doing that and especially not with the style of songs she is singing. They feel impersonal and instead of trying to capture emotion of the ballads she is trying too hard with her voice. I feel like she’s trying to prove herself, before she never really had competition she always dominated the charts, awards, fans and attention as she was the only female artist that mattered…now she has Lady Gaga, Katey Perry, Rihanna,Taylor Swift and Adele and those are some tough heavy weights to go against.

In my opinion, her best album is “I Am…Sasha Fierce”, by far her best work and it will be very hard to top that album. It was brilliant, the songs, the tour just everything about that project was on point. Not one single song I don’t like, which is rare. Half the songs you dance to the other half you cry to. Along with Eminem’s Recovery, Pink’s Funhouse, Beyonce’s I Am..Sasha the top three best albums I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, she just released the video for Best Thing I Never Had.

I like the theme of the video, it goes great with the meaning of the song and you know how much I hate videos that doesn’t make sense to the song! The video is a story of what happens after the prom when the high school sweetheart who broke your heart turns out to be the best thing you never had. You move on and find true happiness — in Beyonce’s case, married bliss with another.

Beyonce kind of annoys me in the video, I can’t stand when artists sing a long to the song as they stare at the camera. Just let it be a video, try to act and let the song play. The plot was a good idea but the story telling wasn’t a job well done. She is too smiley to the point where it doesn’t look genuine because she looks like she is trying too hard! The wedding dress is hideous and its a distraction, the part where she is in the grass was kindaaaa off, at the 2:22 mark. The prom video didn’t have right timing at all but it did look like it was real footage, they over did it with the lingerie scenes (of course, sex sells) and the last few seconds of the video with her walking weird with her Star Wars hair styled backwards…was just really weird. Aside from that, she looked beautiful as always! One more thing…I don’t like skinny on Beyonce, I like her with curves! Who else is with me?! Over all, the song is good and the video was okay.

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