Bow Wow Lady drama to having a baby mama!

Baby Rumors have been swirling around for months that rapper and actor Shad ‘Bow Wow’ Moss got a girl pregnant.

On Father’s day Bow Wow (can’t take this name seriously) tweeted:

@bowwow SNM ❤ You.

Earlier today he also tweeted something that sounds like only a parent would write:

@bowwow This is da worst part Leaving you. Right now u dont understand but later on u will. Time to go out n get it so u can have the best life ever

The baby mama also tweeted earlier today:

@miss_joie I love SNM!!

Bow wow’s mom also tweeted:

@teresaBWmom Shai is so beautiful. She looks like a baby doll. OMG!!! Y’all already KNO what I’m going to do…spoil her and shower her with lots of LOVE

And again Bow Wow took to Twitter to address the blogs posting up pictures of a random baby saying its his:

@bowwow Picture on mediatakeout aint my daughter… Some bloggers fucking suck at they job. Get accurate info for once. Stop feeding people bullshit

@bowwow I dont need no blogs to tell my fans nuffn. Ill share my personal issues with my people when i feel comfortable. They will be 1st to know

The proof is in the tweets! Bow wow and Joie were first spotted together last September and since then he has been spotted with a bevy of other women, including relationships with Ciara, Melody Thorton and with his on and of ex-girlfriend Angela Simmons, whom he had said  “she is the love of my life”. They were last spotted together in March and it will probably be the last time those two are seen together. (I always thought they made the cutest couple!) In 2009 he said about Angelina Simmons, they’ve been on and off since 2007: “Angela Simmons is the love of my life. She’s a young black woman doing something incredible. “She’s a CEO of a company at 21 years old and a positive role model for kids.”


Bow Wow just posted a letter to his fans on his official website…

Let me start off by saying i love my fans. With out yall i wudda been left the game. For the past 3 years i been batteling life. Even thought about taking my own. I felt like as a kid i did everything and saw everything too fast which spoiled my adult years. I felt as if i had no purpose to live(Thinking selfishly) until god gave me the illest gift of my life. No lambo, no blk card nuffn ammounts to my lil girl. I waited so long to tell yall the truth because i was nervous on how yall would look at me. Yall know everyone makes a big deal out of everything i do. I wanted to be 1st n let yall know the real. My lil girl is getting BIG fast. i love every minute of it. She inspires me to go harder.Even made me treat my mother better, its like it made me into a man over night. Never been a fan of posting pix of my daughter. Reason is because i want my boo boo to have everything i didnt. Want her to be able to cheerlead with her lil friends with out some asshole sticking his camera all in my lil girl face. I know how fame is. I missed out on so much that i now know how important it is to cherish and have those things in your life. Yes! I change diapers. Aint as bad as i thought hahaha. I want her to live with me so bad. Jus us 2. Thats my dream man but fellas yall know how it go. Baby gotta stay with they momma and all dat bull. I hate that! So i have to fly 5 hrs away to see her. I find myself going into my i phone book jus lookn at pix of her. Sometimes i tear up cuz i just cant believe it brotha be emotional. All in all im good. This is my 1st. I know all my fans gone support me and ride for her like yall been doin my whole career. To the ones that say “Im heart broken how can he do that to us” well i do have a life thats not all about movies or making albums. Im 24 now. I cant wait 4eva. Im happy and if your a fan then ud be happy too cuz yall gone be with me every step of the way. The bs that comes with having a baby momma is expected. So i neva trip. Jus gotta suck it up keep chin high and try not let her get the best of my feelings by playin them stupid games. Ima stay positive and keep maintaining long as i got yall i cant lose.  I love yall. And shai shai daddy love u too! Wizzle!!!!

Update: Baby mama wasn’t too pleased with what he wrote, rightfully so.

She retweeted someone’s tweet saying:

@miss_joie RT @JockinTashy How can u throw the person under the bus that gave u the exact gift you say you’re so blessed to have?

@miss_joie Some people are so quick to point the finger but blind to their own bad character and behavior. Enough is enough.

@miss_joie RT @Bchic02 I DESPISE being lied to & I HATE my intelligence being insulted!!!

@MzMimi_C  @miss_joie No disrespect but maybe he throwing you under the bus b/c you weren’t his choice to be the person to give him that gift….

Ouch! Baby mama responds..

@MzMimi_C then maybe he shouldn’t have been asking me for it prior. Know what your talking about before you open your mouth.

Even worse for baby mama, Bow Wow tweeted:

@bowwow Love “her” to death. Hate “you” deeply

Well congrats to Bow! I seriously can’t believe he is a DAD! We all watched him grow up whether in music and movies. He has come off arrogant and a show off with the stuff he used to write on his Twitter, so I am sure his baby was a huge wake up call for him and a reality check. I also feel for him that the industry does not take him seriously in the rap world, I think he is very talented and looking forward to his upcoming album, I am sure it will be less about getting money and more about real life…which is what rap should be about. I also gotta give props to baby mama for not being immature and just being quiet about the baby and her relationship with Bow. The emotional letter was very sweet and his little girl is lucky to have him as her daddy, I just think what he wrote about his baby mama was a little insensitive. There are three sides to every story, theirs, yours and the truth and he shouldn’t have wrote anything about her if it wasn’t going to be positive. She is the mother of his baby after all and unlike other rappers baby mama’s she’s been quiet about him, her pregnancy and now the baby. Oh! He also has been working on a documantry “Who is Shad Moss” and he released a trailer earlier today.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”349″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


Earlier this week, after much speculation, Bow Wow revealed to his fans that he was a new father of a baby girl. In a letter posted on his website, he expressed that he had been afraid of what people may think and that having a new baby has drastically helped change his life and his attitude. Shortly afterward, he sat down with Russell Simmons and explained why fame almost led him to suicide and the fatherhood advice he received from good friend Tyrese. Here is Russell Simmons blog about the rapper, via

After reading Bow Wow‘s personal letter about his baby daughter with Joie Chavis, I was really inspired and decided to pick up the phone and talk to my good friend. I know his heart is in a good place and reading his pain and joy really moved me. I’ve decided to share a bit of our conversation with the GlobalGrind audience because Bow Wow is one special person.  I am sending my congratulations to Bow Wow and to Joie Chavis.

Me: Bow Wow. You’re making a lot of news.

Bow Wow: I’m trying not to…(laughs)

Me: People are so touched by your recent comments that I got people tweeting me telling me that they are following you now and they love the way you’ve stood up. What do you think about that?

BW: Wow! I’m so used to the media and everybody talking about the bad stuff or the stuff that is really not that important that shouldn’t be out there for fans to see rather than focus on the things that really matter. I just woke up and felt a certain way and felt like the world was on me…like it was a secret everybody was asking me and I just felt like ok, it’s either now or never. I wrote it from the heart so when everybody accepted it – you know when you retweeted it – I couldn’t believe it! I was like ‘Oh man this is crazy!’

Me: It’s because it’s heartfelt! They love heart cause everybody got it inside them whatever your struggle, they got that in them and when you came out and had courage like that, it made everybody feel good.

BW: Right. Even Tyrese, who’s a good friend of mine, called me and was like “man, you don’t even know what you just did.” He said “you just made my week because you’re the first young African-American, you know you’re the youngest one in the game right now with a kid, you have a chance to have every male your age and younger who has kids now…you can make them step up and become better men.”  So when he told me that, I was like “WOW.” I didn’t even think about that and I never had my father in my life…ever! So this just makes me want to step up and just go harder even more and give her everything my father never gave.

Me: Man I love that. That whole story just for me and the honesty…you know the experience that you said there was a moment where you thought the world was tough when you felt…Everything you feel like your happiness and your sadness, there ain’t nothing the media or people or even your closest friends could do to really make you happy.

That expression: expression or depression and the expression from you from the inside can free you up. I mean you’re hearing it from other people. Tell me how you feel about this. You spoke about your experience with thinking about suicide, what did it make you feel?

BW: The suicide thoughts just really came because I think earlier I was exposed to so much Uncle Russ to the point to where I kinda felt like it ruined my adulthood. When I was younger I wish I listened to everybody that was older telline me “don’t do that just yet you should wait” or “don’t go to the club yet you should really wait until your 21 or you got nothing to look forward to.” So that’s what happened, for me being around Jermaine and everybody so young I was around EVERYTHING. So by the time I got 18, I was really 26 (laughs) and I didn’t wanna go to the club no more. When I got 20, I was like “Ok now I’m ready to get married.” Now I feel like I’m 40! So the older I got, the I just noticed my friends…I was like “I can’t really hang with y’all” because they’d go to the club and I’ve done all that when I was 14. So it made me realize like “what am I here for? What am I living to do?” I just got so stressed out because I felt like I did everything too fast and it didn’t leave me with nothing to look forward to. Now that I have my daughter I don’t even have those thoughts no more. Because now it’s like I got something to live for, I got more movies to go get, more records to go make because I gotta go hard for her now. So now I do have a purpose. So it took for me to have a dark period and pray to God that it’s all gone and now it’s a whole other ballgame.  I’m just focused and it’s just me coming out being clean about my situation. It’s just a whole new outlook on life! It’s dope!

Me: Lemme say something to you man.  At first you worked for celebrity and the toys. Even if you’re poor you learn this and even if you’re rich you learn the same thing, you here as a giver. You have a child now and it brought something out of you; the idea of giving and taking care of somebody else. All of the celebrity and all of the experiences you have are good but they teach you to look inside to be a better giver. Because now you realize you’re a celebrity, I’m gonna call on you n*igga …you ain’t gonna escape me because I love the shit out of you.  You’re a celebrity and it’s God’s gift to you and you can give it to others because people gonna follow you and be better fathers because of you. And on top of that you’re gonna find everytime you show up to help somebody’s charity or help somebody do some good work you’ll triple their effort. They could be working their ass off, but they don’t have the celebrity you have, so when you show up at their charity or show up to their mission to help other people, you become a catalyst and that’s what you can always look forward to. The whole thing to me is just inspiring and I like watching people involve. Some people never evolve!

BW: Right, yeah! And we’ve seen those! (laughs)

Me: I’ve seen motherf*ckers my age, man..they wanna know where to get a bag of dust.  And they got no teeth…I’ve seen a lot of sh*t. As I grew I learned I was lucky enough to find the path. Your child for you man is big – I mean the way people can smell it, they see that growth, they love to see people grow.

BW:Yeah, you’re right cause I always keep it funky with you Uncle Russ, you know that. The whole thing that I was scared about was once everybody knows, what about the other people that I love, you know what I’m saying? Like how would they feel. I was so nervous about the people who’s around me before who I tried to keep it a secret too…I was like “man I wonder how they’re gonna react?” I wondered if they not going to want to be around me or be my friend no more or how’s it gonna be, but I guess honesty just takes you a long way. People really can respect the truth.

Me: I just wanted to thank you for that and I also want people to hear your voice because everything you said is pure inspiration. It’s true!

I wish you all the success in the world man.  You know can always call me for anything. I mean that from my heart, anything you need, if I got it and I’ll bet you when you come to my office and you sit down we’ll build and figure out ways to do some work together.

BW: Let’s do it!

– Still can’t believe Lil Bow Wow is a daddy! But it’s great see a young man take responsibility and not have another daughter in this world be fatherless.

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