Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries’ Pricey Wedding Registry!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries registered for wedding gifts yesterday with the help of mama Kris Jenner — and they picked one pricey spot!


The trio and an unknown friend were all spotted at Gearys Beverly Hills, a luxury store for jewelry and dinnerware.

We dug around the expensive store’s website and found a registry under Kim and Kris’ name — which included items like a $6,500 vase, a $1,650 coffeepot, a $950 crystal pitcher and a $470 8×10 frame.

The registry under their name also lists the “Event Date” as October 31, 2011 — Halloween. After leaving Gearys, the engaged couple met up with Lamar Odom and Scott Disick at Ermenegildo Zegna, where they likely had their first fitting for wedding tuxedos.

FYI — E! cameras trailed the groups at both locations, so expect to see this all again on TV.

Kris Jenner was orchestrating the whole event!`“They were very respectful, and very nice but also aware of the show’s cameras and playing to them as well. They were making a TV show, so some stuff seemed staged.” revealed the source.

– The family is worth over a $100 million, Kim alone is worth around $35 million, her fiance doesn’t have as much as her but he’s doing fine with a net worth of $8 million and she has a $2 million engagement ring, living in a $5 million home, driving a half million dollar Rolls Royce Phantom car…yet she is registering for wedding gifts with ridiculous prices. Oh! And she gets paid thousands to tweet, make appearances, gets paid for staged paparazzi pics and has never-ending endorsement deals. She got $300,000 for her engagement announcement cover and is getting $1million for wedding photos, her wedding is being paid by E! because it will be televised and she has free vendors for the advertisements. No one is to tell someone how to live and how to spend their money but if you have millions of dollars coming on a daily basis, I would at least donate most of it. The ring is tasteless as it is but to register for wedding gifts is even worse. If it were me and if I was filthy rich I wouldn’t ask for gifts instead I would ask for people to kindly donate to a charity of my choice. The extra money she is getting for magazine covers, tweets, endorsements and so forth, I would donate them but it’s all greed.

I think they saw how much media attention Khloe and Lamar got for their whirlwind romance and Kris Jenner and Kim knows the wedding is going to get huge coverage because Kim is the most famous Kardashian and basically one of the most famous people in the world right now. They are playing it smart with having it be so soon because it just means more attention. It’s also good timing, their season 6 show of Keeping Up is going to end with their proposal and right after their will be a spin-off of Kim planning her wedding which will lead to the wedding special.The Kardashian reign is not going to end anytime soon.

I just find it interesting, they rushed to start filming season, which they are still taping because they just started rolling in March. During which, the show focuses on Kim’s new relationship, which leads to an engagement and follows up to the wedding. The timing is interesting, especially how the night she got engaged in what was supposed to be a surprise intimate moment the cameras were with Kris as he was preparing and waiting to propose in her bed room.They had matching outfits for a dinner planned by Kris to announce to the rest of the family of the engagement with cameras on deck and they also already had a deal with People magazine for the engagement and wedding photos and exclusives and a photographer was there to shoot the newly engagement couple for the magazine that was going to be released in a few days….all within moments of her “surprise” engagement.

He is also new to reality TV and something so special between the both of you he had no problem showing it on national television. He hardly knows her family and he somehow picked out her dream ring in which she had a replica of years ago when she bought herself a fake engagement ring when she was with Reggie Bush to spark rumors. The ring, the wedding and the media coverage had to be bigger than Khloe’s, Kim confessed she introduced Kris to jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz and the designer helped him choose her dream ring that Kim has talked about with the designer…again, it’s Kim’s world and she gets her way.

So basically, Kim has shown the world inside her bedroom, you see her having sex so it’s only right to watch her proposal and wedding.

Kim sure met her match, he is loving the attention and his new-found fame, she is marrying an unknown basketball player and he is now suddenly famous, getting endorsement deals and all eyes are on him now. Lamar had his moment, now it’s Kris turn. Kim couldn’t stand to see Khloe married and happy to an athlete and the media attention she got for her whirlwind wedding. It’s a similar story. Kris Jenner started to manage Odom and will now be managing Humphries. The difference with Lamar and Khloe is even though everything happened so fast, you can tell that they were in love and just wanted to be married. You haven’t seen staged pictures of the two of them together and even though people speculated it was a publicity stunt, it clearly wasn’t and with them it just doesn’t look fake and media driven like Kim and Kris.

What is surprising to me is that it’s been four years and their fame still hasn’t died down, if anything it keeps getting stronger and bigger. Young girls and women are fascinated with each sister and they support everything they endorse and try to be and look like them. Kris Jenner wont’ allow the media to dim the lights on the family, because just when it starts to die down, something suddenly happens, it’s on their reality show and it’s all over the headlines. Like she said “it’s time for the new generation to shine” and now has the younger sisters Kendell and Kyle modeling, acting and is pitching to get them a reality show of their own.

If you notice every week there has to be a Kardashain on a tabloid, either it’s about Kim’s body – bikini ready body, slim down secrets and how she keeps her ass in tact – when she has nothing headline worthy, she starts talking about her ass and body, Khloe’s desire to be pregnant or just pictures of the family by a photographer that is always in tow or quotes by them. There isn’t enough media coverage on Kourtney, so they dragged the story line of Scott and his alcohol abuse and their outings and vacations with their son are all staged. They recently got $7,000 for pictures on the beach in Mexico. Another time in Mexico in April, Kim and Kris staged pictures and were posing for the cameras and they got around $8,500 (via, The Hollywood Reporter) and Kim demanded pictures to be photo-shopped as part of the deal.  (full on make up on, hair done, and obviously posing) It was also Kourtney’s birthday and they had a photographer take pictures to release to magazines and photo agencies. No one knew they were vacationing there because they took a private plane and they didn’t tweet about it and they stayed at a private house with private excess to the beach at Joe Francis house, where many celebs vacation their for privacy. They are a money making machine.

Bottom line is, Kris Jenner is a genius and I don’t think she will be able to rest and not continue to milk her daughters for all they are worth and not push them to work and be all over the news. Just like Kim is addicted to plastic surgery and fame, Kris Jenner is addicted to pimping out her daughters, fame and money.

Even the family vacation in Bora Bora was another way to make money, not only did they film the vacation for their reality show but they had photographers with them in the ultra private and exclusive hotel in the island. Us weekly has the exclusive staged and photo shopped pictures and Kim’s interview about their vacation with her family. (Just like the pictures in Mexico, Kim and Kourtney are promoting their bikini line.)

Kardashian Family Vacation!: Sex on the BeachPhoto-shopped picture…and the other picture was a snap shot from a teaser for an upcoming eposide of the vacation, where you can see the difference on her thighs.

Kardashian Family Vacation!: A Perfect Fit

Kardashian Family Vacation!: Girls Gone Wild


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