BET Awards Recap: Using Chris Brown & Rihanna for publicity!

Every year BET seems to find a way to make the annual BET Awards a controversial one. The past three years  Chris Brown has been a target.

First let me say, award shows are so effin boring. They used to be good, especially the VMA’s years ago. I don’t know how these artists stay put in their seats for three hours. Thank goodness for tivo! I record the shows while watching others shows that I pre-recorded to kill time and commericals. The host comedian Kevin Hart didn’t get to do much but for the skits he had it was a job well done! Who else thinks that ONLY comedians should host award shows?!? I loved when he said to rapper Fabolous “Take your sunglasses off I am sick of it. It’s getting old and ain’t nothing wrong with your eyes, your inside take them off.” My other favorite was The Real Hollywood Husbands with Nelly, Jermaine Dupri, Bobby Brown, Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon and Basketball wives star Tami Roman made a hilarious cameo. Other than that, the performances were lackluster, the show dragged and the skype performance from Beyonce who is in the UK was stupid, I found no point in it. Lil Wayne lip-rapping was horrible, Kelly Rowland’s performance was good but the hat that was glued to her head was obviously there to cover her  face as she lip-synches. Alicia Keys was great as always, Chris Brown has had better performances. He lacked confidence that is always there when he performs, he just looked so nervous. I think it’s going to take a while for him to be comfortable in award shows again. I also don’t like his new style at all and the Sisqo inpsired hair has got to go! Other than that, I was just bored and the show could have been  a lot better with all that time they had to prepare…it just seemed soooo un-organized!

Now back to Chris Brown. Every year at the BET Awards, there is always a little bit of drama worth talking about afterward and for three years straight, Chris Brown has been in the middle of it. Poor thing. This year was no different as he was involved in an announcement mix up that ended with Rihanna winning an award that was suppose to be his.

In the most awkward moment of the night, a contest fan winner Tiffany Green, came out on stage to announce the winner of the BET’s Viewer’s Choice Awards with Terrance and Rocsi. She first announced that the winner was “Chris Brown, Look At Me Now” and then flipped the script (literally) and said, “I”m sorry, It’s Rihanna – What’s My Name.” Drake, of course, being featured on the song, came up to accept the award, beginning his speech with, “Well, this is awkward…”

It was awkward and the first thing that came into mind was “It was all fake”! Terrance J and Rocsi Diaz “acting” surprised could have been better, it looked so obvious that they were clued in on what is about to happen, the girl looked confused and Drake storms in accepting the award and came off rude and I noticed his arm push the award presenter. It was just weird. It wasn’t fair on Rihanna, Chris Brown, Drake and Tiffany Green.

Another part of me thinks that the girl might have done it on purpose to get attention but then again why did they play Rihanna’s song on cue…aye, I don’t know. It was just BAD.

After the mix up, Tiffany took to her twitter page and accused BET of setting her up:

Bawling backstage. They totally f*cked me up.

The tablet f*ckin said CHRIS BROWN….the TELEPROMPTER said Rihanna. What the F*F*CK?????? Goin home.

So BET did that on purpose. Oh. I feel better.

Look b*tches….Im not SLOW. lol They did the sh*t on PURPOSE. F*cked up right? *shrug* smh

BET Executive Stephen Hill posted that the mix up was due to an human error

That BET Awards Viewer’s Choice mix-up was due to human error. And I was the human that made that error. I apologize to ALL affected.

Before the awards were over, Kevin Hart brought Chris Brown back on stage and announced that he was the actual winner of the Viewers Choice Award.

Meanwhile, DJ Clue tweeted what everyone was thinking

That’s f*cked up.. They made @drakkardnoir come out & do an Acceptance speech for an award he aint win. SMMFH

Following are comments from fan reactions, I couldn’t copy and post from Twitter’s trending topics because I can’t keep up and they were all so funny! So these are comments from everyone online that I agree with:

“She has the right to defend herself; wtf does any of that have to do with her being someone’s mother? F*ck outta here. It wasn’t an attitude she was just pissed and she had the right to be. BET f*cked up her moment. People’s issues should be with BET. They knew exactly what they were doing, they owe her a formal apology and everyone involved.”

“I think Chris Brown said it best in his acceptance Speech. “Public Speaking aint my Strong Suit, so Ima let them talk”

“I watch da video again and it was indeed a SETUP!!!! Y would she touch dat bootleg ipad but look up at da telepropmter?? SETUP!!!!”

“Wat was da purpose of them playin Rihanna’s ‘Whats My Name’ if they knew Chris Brown had won??? It WAS A SET UP!!!!!”

“If u look at Rocsi face she looked like she knew it was goin to happen before it did”

Did y’all catch right before Tiffany read the “winner”…the guy said “read it straight, read it straight”.

So was he talking about the teleprompter?

“There is no POSSIBLE way out of 6 nominees to mix up Chris and Rihanna unless it was on purpose. I feel embarrassed for both parties involved.”

“i think it was oin purpose, i mean if u already knew who the winner was before the poor girl walked out, why type the complete wrong name? and if all the winners were being read of the tablet thing (im sure they was jus passing that thing back n forth between presenters) why did they tell her to read from the teleprompter? when every presenter before her were reading the winner of the evo? did homegirl wrong regardless, and they still let Drake do his speech when they kno darn well he didnt win”

“On June 15th , Tiffany took to her Twitter page saying if Chris Brown won , “watch what’s going to happen” & she hoped he fell & broke his “raggedy ass neck” & just basically talking down on him. She wanted Nicki Minaj to win, found out she wasn’t … & was “sho gonna let Chris Brown know about himself”. She is NOT the victim as she is trying to portray herself and blame it on BET. Yes it was due to human error, but… the human error WAS Tiffany. The male being heard in the background exclaiming “read it straight” could possibly be her boyfriend who was there with her. Tiffany had a plan for if Chris won… If you don’t believe me check her Twitter page: @Flawless_EhEhF1 & go back to June 15th then read from there. I did my research lol”

“I don’t know if they set her up, but what I do know is that this was no accident! Terrence and Rocsi’s faces says it all, they reacted way too early!!! SMMFH at BET! They not only made Chris look stupid but Drake as well! He got up and made a speech and everything.”

“I don’t think they made Chris or Riri look stupid, but they did make drake look stupid for accepting an award that they later gave to someone else. They need to apologize to drake. Hell they need to apologize to everyone, that just made the network look SUPER Dumb.”

“One of my fellow DJ friends was there. He looked back at the teleprompter and said all 3 names were on it. This was a set up from BET. smh… that poor girl.”

“BET did that shit on purpose. They had Rihanna’s name on the big screen, Rihanna’s music playing & let Drake come up to accept it knowing the whole time Chris Brown won. Smh. I feel the worst for Drake..I don’t feel sorry for this Tiffany person though because her attitude is just horrible.”

“I think BET tried to get a rise out of CB for publicity. Thank GOD he didn’t play into it.”

“Here’s what I think happened:

BET meant for Rihanna to win. SInce it’s BET and everyone’s gotta get an award. Some last minute change .. you can hear the audio saying “read it straight,” meaning read the teleprompter which says Rihanna. I mean, how else was Drake RIGHT THERE to pick up the award. But then she read the tablet. And they can’t go against the tablet, since its a sponsored thing. Thus, they decide to give it to CB.

Also, for those saying that Chris made them give him the award, that can not be true, because the BET Awards Website was updated with the winners after each category was announced, and the website CLEARLY stated Chris Brown.”


2 thoughts on “BET Awards Recap: Using Chris Brown & Rihanna for publicity!

    1. Yes he did! But the media will never let him live, poor thing. It’s really sad how the media tears you up and even though his fans have forgiven him the media will never let him break free. Hopefully he will one day but I see him walking away from the industry soon because there is only so much a human being can take!

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