Reggie isn’t bushing around for another Kim K!

Reggie Bush has a new girlfriend, singer and model Melissa Molinaro, who ironically earlier this year was in an Old Navy commercial and Kim Kardashian spoke out on how she wanted to sue Old Navy for having someone steal her look to use the commercial to sell and for publicity, since then the chick has been dubbed as a Kim Kardashian look a like. So, does that mean every girl with long brown hair, smokey eye make up and wears tight dresses look like Kim? She fancies herself a bit too much. I don’t think his girlfriend looks like her at all. There is also a huge difference, Kim is plastic beauty and Melissa is real beauty.

The first picture of the two of them, when they got together….

3 years later, the last picture they took together.

I think the media and blogs love saying she does because it makes it a story and Kim K is loving it. She probably started this just like she started with everyone calling her a Kim K lookalike after the commercial, as she does with everything else – down to rumors and staged paparazzi pictures and “sources” is always from a Kardashian camp and mom-ager from hell Kris Jenner has deals with a paparazzi agency, Ok, US and Life & Style magazines.  Let’s not forget, everything always has to be all about Kim.

Kim met her perfect match now with her fiancé – for a few seconds as they are getting married soon – desperate -, Reggie couldn’t deal with the celebrity life and Kim was not willing to let go of it. Reggie got with Kim after her sex tape and before she became mega famous, and it was clear how much he loved the person she was before she hit super stardom. When she and Reggie would go on vacations, you never saw pictures of it because he wasn’t okay with all the staged fake photos, now Kim and fiancé Kris have a photographer with them everywhere they go, posing for pictures and giving magazine exclusives. The biggest moment of Reggie’s life and career when he won the Super Bowl, Kim turned it about her and kept talking about a possible ring for herself. After an episode of her show where she embarrassed Reggie he took to twitter and showed his displeasure saying “Don’t make me expose you, to those who don’t know you. #subliminaltweet”. Kim is a fame whore and needs to be with someone to allow her to whore out their relationship and lives for more minutes of fame.

Melissa Molinaro Actress Melissa Molinaro attends the OK! Magazine Toasts Hollywood's Sexiest Singles event at the Lexington Social House on April 14, 2011 in Hollywood, California.After Melissa was famously compared to Kim K for the way she looked in the commercial earlier this year, she said “To me it’s extremely flattering. She is a beautiful woman…That’s an amazing compliment.” Reggie is somewhere shaking his head down, just when he thought he was out of the Kardashian shenanigans. Besides, its clear Reggie just has a specific type in women and just because he is with another white woman doesn’t mean he isn’t over Kim and wants to be with someone that looks like her, so child please!

Listen, does she resemble her a little, yeah just a tad so I can understand why people are talking about it and how they are finding a story out of it because its with Reggie Bush. But even when I have my hair down and long with smokey eye make up everyone says I resemble Kim K, which I no where near look like her but its the exotic look that Kim made famous that gets everyone thinking you are trying to look like her because she oozes sex appeal, now us brunettes can’t get away from people thinking we are trying hard to look sexy and look like Kim! Child please! However, before she came along, beauty was mostly defined as to having blonde hair and light eyes so I’ll give her credit for making a signature look but still, it doesn’t mean that we all look or trying to look like her.


Bush’s new chick is actress and singer Melissa Molinaro — who was famously compared to Kim K for the way she looked in an Old Navy commercial earlier this year. Sources close to the couple tell TMZ … the two met roughly two years ago through mutual friends … but stayed platonic because they were both seeing other people at the time. We’re told the pair reconnected last summer — after Reggie and the “real” Kim parted ways — and became “official” by Christmas.


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