Comment of the day!

Alice: Please post more often! I’ve found your blog 3 or 4 weeks ago and I absolutely love it! I check it everyday and I’m so happy when I see a new post. I noticed that we have some things in common. I also looooove Beyonce a lot and I began to like basketball this year (my favourite player is Dwyane Wade). I am so jealous of you, I would love to live in NY haha. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is to keep up the good work. I love it! Hugs and kisses from Romania!

Thank you Alice!!! Means a lot! Your comment made my day, I love getting feedback. My blog isn’t mainstream and popular as others, so I am always surprised when people tell me they love coming and keep coming back to my blog. So thank you so much! I promise I will go back to posting more! I hope you get to come to NYC one day, it will be a beautiful different experience for you, I am sure. Dwayne Wade is on my list too of my favorites, but my top two are Lebron James and Shannon Brown! Since you like basketball, you should Youtube funny and fighting basketball moments, I get kick out of it!  I hope I hear from you soon! Thank you!


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