Lebron James Miami Home!

Why am so obsessed with homes and decor?!?!

In this case it’s just the house and that’s more than enough! It’s Lebron James home in Coconut Grove, in Miami. The modest home was purchased at $9 million. Okay, the price of the home is not modest and its not modest enough to be a regular Joe’s home but for a man worth millions and millions…that’s pretty darn modest for him!

The 12,178-square-foot estate, at 3590 Crystal View Ct., has six bedrooms and eight and a half bathrooms and boasts water views from every room. There’s a wine cellar, library, home theater, three-car garage and guest house. Outside, there’s an infinity pool and bar and a dock that can fit two 60-foot yachts.

Lebron signed a $101 million contract with Miami Heat on top of the $95 million he is already worth. A powerful man like him and his money can afford something a lot bigger and more extravagant. We see all these athletes and celebs buy these huge over the top mansions, personally I don’t like houses like that..they aren’t homes. Any one’s dream home would be a “mansion” and everyone would love to live in one but mansions come in different shapes and sizes. I like a big sized home, a pool, backyard, the whole nine yards but I love it to be cozy, simple and modest. When it comes to houses, bigger isn’t always better…how is that a home then? For rich people, the bigger the house, the more they prove how rich they are. As for Jame’s, it is modest for him (again, what that word) and it’s beautiful, it’s not over the top and it just looks so peaceful. Can you imagine how it would be like to wake up to the amazing views of the water? Heaven! He lives there with his long term girlfriend Savannah Brinson and their two young boys. I wish it were mine and I wish I were able to decorate it!

I am sure their interior designer decorated it beautifully but not as good as what I would come up with! I already have so many ideas and I obviously didn’t see the house in person and didn’t see the house in its entirety…I am so visual! But I do wonder what it looks like inside and what the decor looks like.

Exterior front

Back of the house

Terrace overlooking the bay

Beautiful terrace overlooking the bay.

Swimming Pool/Hot Tub/Sauna:  Back of house, night, overlooking Biscayne Bay

Swimming Pool/Hot Tub/Sauna: Back of house, at night, overlooking Biscayne Bay.

the yacht dock.

One of three fountains on the grounds

One of the many water fountains in the home.


Huge kitchen fit for a King.

The kitchen again

Bar area

The bar area.

A nook

The nook.

Master bath/spa

The master bathroom

Master bathroom again

First floor two-story foyer with spiral staircase and 8 ft. chandelier

View with a room

Theater with private wetbar and bath

One of many fabulous treatments, onyx walls on first floor

One of the many fabulous treatments onyx walls on the first floor.



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