Shiloh Pitt..from a doll to boy?

How did Shiloh Pitt the worlds most beautiful couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s first born biological daughter turn into a beautiful little girl who looked like a doll to a four year old tom boy that looks like Ellen Degeneres?

I get how Angelina wants her kids to express themselves and she has spoken about Shiloh’s boyish style by saying:  “Shiloh, we feel has Montenegro style. It’s how people dress there. She likes tracksuits, she likes regular suits. So it’s a suit with a tie and a jacket and slacks, or a tracksuit. She likes to dress like a boy. She wants to be a boy. So we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys’ everything. She thinks she’s one of the brothers.”

There’s nothing wrong with a girl wanting to dress like a boy and being a tomboy. Eventually she’ll grow out of it or she may not and that’s okay. Growing up my older sister hated anything girly and loved wearing baggy clothes and I loved everything that glittered and was such a girly girl and was obsessed with fashion. She grew out of it as she got older. Now, I don’t have children of my own I am just stating my opinions…I get her daughter didn’t want her hair long for whatever reason but I also find that hard to believe that hair would bother a little girl so much, however the way it is cut SO short just isn’t right and is confusing because she looks like a BOY! It takes away the essence of being a little girl, she isn’t going to be fashionable and girly like Suri Cruise but what I am trying to say is there are many ways to dress her if she doesn’t want to be in dresses. Kids don’t know any better, they see what they like and they want it and it’s up to you as a parent to decide on if it’s the right or wrong thing to grant. She has brothers and she wants to act and dress like them, which is normal. She wants to look like a boy or Angelina wants to think she wants to look like a boy and she is running with it, she can dress and allow her to be a tomboy but she has gone so far and has totally transformed her.

Everyone already thinks she is going to be a lesbian, maybe she is, maybe she won’t. But I don’t think anyone should be having discussions about it, she is too young to be subjected to so such topics. You already have Chaz Bono saying how she is in the wrong gender which I think is wrong for him to say and it’s not right or  fair to question and label little girls. Who knows and who cares what she will be when she gets older. For now, she is a little girl and Angelina Jolie needs to not allow the media to have so much speculation about her daughter and dress her differently then what she has her wearing now. It’s too boyish looking and it went way too far when Shiloh swims with boy trunks. That doesn’t sit well with me. Kids are going to scream, cry and throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want but you are the parent and you know better and the key is: they’ll get over it!

If that were my daughter and she wants to dress like a boy and refuses to wear dresses. Fine. I’ll let her pick a piece of clothing and I’ll put the outfit together. That way she gets to pick something she wants and I get to choose how I want her to look. I’ll respect my child’s wishes to express themselves but I would have it be limited. She wants to look like a boy? I’ll make her think she is. Skinny ripped jeans and a loose top with with combat boots and a fitted studded leather jacket. Or if she wants to wear a tie like Shiloh has on the top picture, I would allow her to have it with a white a cute girly top, jeans and flats. I’ll have her put on a black tutu with boots and a tank top. She doesn’t want her hair long, I’ll cut it a bit shorter, like a bob and just make sure the cut doesn’t make her look like a boy! I would be incorporating what she wants and allowing her to express herself and be cautious on how my child appears. I wouldn’t want anyone judging or labeling her and I sure as hell would want my girl to look like a girl and when she is old enough she can dress and be whoever and however she wants to be but for now Angelina has control and she clearly knows what she is doing.


I have gotten a lot of heat for this post…I want to start by saying I am sorry if I offended anyone. I in no mean tried to do that or try to say that it’s wrong for little girls to want to dress like boys and what the outcome of that may be in the child’s future.  Like I said I respect Angelina and Brad for allowing their children to express themselves but I don’t agree about the radical change they did to their young daughter, for example chopping off her hair like a boy and wearing boy trunks to swim. This was just MY opinion, I am not a mother and I understand how a mother is passionate about this because they go through it all with their children and I read what you all had to say and I learned a lot from that. It was just my opinion and I shared how I felt and I understand the flaws in my opinions.

So Starry, Sasha, Cheryl, Kat, Federico, Chenoa, Cindy, Anna, Nicole and Carol (you weren’t preaching to the choir, thank you for understanding where I was coming from, I know you stumbled on my blog on accident but I hope you’ll come back!), thank you for your feedback and taking your time to tell me how you felt, very much respected and appreciated whether it’s good or bad I love reading what others have to say.


It has been three years since I posted this, and I am STILL getting a lot of heat! I also want to note, I don’t spam or delete the harsh comments I’ve been receiving, I keep them all and allow everyone to see it and join in on the bashing of an opinion I shared. Clearly, I’ve grown and I don’t agree with sharing my opinion about a child. As a blogger, you share your views on the world, fashion and all the latest and greatest. At the time, there was much discussion about  the beautiful Shiloh and her appearance, the discussion is still going, and everyone is still weighing in with their opinions about what they think is happening with Shiloh. In all reality, nothing is happening! She is a kid, and it’s not right. Truthfully, seeing a picture of a little girl in boys trunk swim wear, is what really threw me off. I’ve never seen that before and still don’t think a young girl should be exposed with just swim trunks on. Again, I apologize. I could easily delete this post, but I have kept it to keep a discussion going and I’ve actually  learned from it. So please folks, understand where I was coming from, my opinion – whether it is right or wrong – and my two time apology in the last three years.



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  1. Wow, this article really pisses me off. What’s so wrong about respecting this child’s identity whether they’re transgendered or not? Maybe they were put in the wrong body and maybe it’s a phase, but which ever the case, as a parent it’s far better to let a child express themselves in which ever way they see fit than to impose gender roles upon them that they clearly don’t want. From what I’ve read, there’s a big chance that Shiloh is transgendered and the blatant transphobia by the media is just gross. Let the kid be who they are and decide what they want. I’m proud of Angelina for doing just that in the face of constant attention.

    1. Thank you for responding, I value everyone’s opinions whether bad or good. And I respect what you said and I actually agree with you. But my point is, Shiloh is in the media and it’s a cruel world for her and for her parents. Even if she grows up to find that she is in the wrong body, right now she is too little to understand that. She is a little girl after all and like I said, if she wants to dress like a boy she should have control over dressing her how she wants by letting her choose an item of clothing and than putting the outfit together myself. I do respect Angelina for allowing her to express herself however she wants but again, my thing is don’t have your girl looking like a boy.

      1. I have a boy about Shiloh’s age. He has a little sister and these days, he often says like: “I wish I would have been born a girl”. Sometimes, he wants to use his sister’s hair clips or hair bands. I let him do that, as I thougth it was funny. I do not know about other kids, but my son does not choose his clothes by himself. I buy him his clothes and he just wears that. He has never said like: “I dislike this.” or “I want to wear this.” He just don’t care at all. Maybe it is different with girls, my daughter is still too small, so I cannot say, but as far as I know from my friends, they choose clothes for their daughters (about 5 years old), too. I can hardly believe that 4 or 5 years old girl just goes shopping and picks her own style.

        Zuzana from Czech Republic

      2. What is wrong about a girl dressing like a boy? In the early 90s when I grew up, every girl tried her best to look like a boy, wearing boy’s shirts and having hair short. In the late 1990 or early 2000s, it was also fashionable for girls to dress like men rappers. If Shiloh wanted to dress like a boy for whatever the reason is, it is a choice of hers that we should respect. And we, at any age and of any background, deserves the same respect. You may be concerned that she will be embarrassed or it would somehow affect her self esteem if she grew up seeing pictures or media reporting of her out-of-the-norm childhood fashion sense. I believe many girls/boys of similar age out there are doing the same thing and it was not anything unusual in the first place. Having myself dressed like a boy when I was younger, I did not grow up feeling embarrassed of looking ugly or weird when I was 5 or 10 or 15.

      3. Congratulations for growing up to feel comfortable in your own skin. I applaud you, but unfortunately, the circumstances here are very different. You and your parents weren’t constantly on display, inspiring scrutiny at every turn. While I do not believe in “stifling” children, I do believe in “guiding” them. After all, is that not the role of parents everywhere. Even the animal kingdom believes in “parenting.”

      4. Everyone is trying to be so tactful and politically correct. The fact of the matter is that Angelina is trying to push her agenda on the kid. Each kid will play a certain character in her family movie. She labeled Shiloh from the start. Shiloh is playing the role of lesbian chic. Perhaps in the future she’ll ask her mother why she made her dress that way.

      5. well thats not your problem, yes it is a cruel world, but hiding things doesn’t solve anything, Shiloh may be going through a phase (i doubt it with angelina saying how shiloh “wants to be a boy”) she may not be, if she is transgendered, or even if she isn’t. It’s GREAT that angelina is letting her daughter be who she wants to be, which more parents should do. If she looks like a boy, what is it to you? How does that affect YOU. It doesn’t. It actually makes me really mad that you said this. How would you feel if somebody said this about your daughter and your daughter was transgendered?

      6. So…follow your advice, and mind your own business, rather than excercise your opinion and right to free speech…

      7. I stumbled upon your ‘opinion’ just now, after watching this:
        I’m not offended by your opinion. You have no experience with motherhood. Nor, it seems clear, have you ever struggled with gender identity. I have.
        When I was a child, as far back as I can remember, I wanted to be a boy. I liked boys more than girls. I liked the clothes and the games boys played. I liked the way boys interacted with each other and never, ever wanted to feel like the “other” when I was with a group of boys. I made my parents call me he and him, and I was delighted every time a stranger regarded me as a boy, with my short hair and all. By third grade, I still felt like a boy AND I knew I liked boys in that special way. So, once being a girl garnered me more attention from boys, I accepted my gender, quit karate, started ballet and, well, YOU would say I “out grew” it.
        Now, I am the single, working mother of a very masculine little boy. I am successful in my chosen field and comfortable in my female body (which granted me a son!). I am very, very happy in my heterosexuality (which also granted me a son!). And though you’d never know it to look at me, in my sweatpants and t-shirts, sneakers, no make-up, no jewelry, my beautiful, long cascading brunette curls, and eye lashes to die for, that deep down I now (sometimes laughingly) identify as a gay man in a woman’s body. But does it really matter? I am who I am, and Shiloh is who Shiloh is. You are who you are. I don’t even know from this blog if you’re a man or a woman and who cares?
        Gender, just like sexuality, is a rainbow; it exists on a spectrum — gender is not one or the other. I believe, and some scientists and scholars agree, that gender has less to do with genitalia and more to do with genetics and brain chemistry. Watch the video of Annette Bening and Warren Beatty’s eldest child; the link is above. That kid is amazing. I couldn’t care less what’s between his legs. Maybe we should be grateful he was born in a girl’s body, for perhaps his struggle with gender identity has had something to do with how extraordinary he already is.

      8. I am a mother and am just as entitled to my opinion as you are to yours!!! I could say more, but i am certain your intelligence would not be roused…

      9. Angelina is ”’promoting”’ the look & confusion. She loves the attention kinda like ‘munchowsien’ She is ruining the childs life, being too lazy to actually be a Mom & make those grown up decisions. Give her a choice of ”appropriate” clothing. Hell lets see Pax prancing around in skirts & dresses. Brad is such a pussy, he follows 10 steps behind her, wearing a stocking cap. She has ruined his looks dragging him all over the desserts for yrs with his light hair/skin. She’s made sure he’s a wreck, he’s starting to look so aged??? She will ruin Shilo & fuck up all the kids, then throw Brad away at some point. She did not just ”’change”’ into Mother Teresa, she is so disturbed!

      10. You apologize for offending anyone and then just make it worse. You’re clearly biased and ignorant about transgender and gender non-transforming people. Your wording makes that abundantly clear.

        My son was born female and it never occurred to me that by allowing him to cut his hair short I was “chopping all her hair off” or “making her look like a boy”

        I will always encourage my children to be who they are and not let narrow-minded, judgmental people diminish their joy.

    2. Oh good grief. Babies aren’t born in the wrong body – they aren’t born transgendered! They’re blank slates… they grow up learning from their environments. If Shiloh wants to dress and act like a boy, it’s probably influenced by admiration for her brothers or other male role models in her life. And there’s nothing wrong with it – but. Her parents have an obligation to make sure she understands the differences between boys and girls, and understands any potential consequences from behaving as one, when you’re the other. Simply saying “go for it and screw what anyone thinks!” would be irresponsible and detrimental to the little girl in ways she can’t imagine without her own experiences. And since we the public have no way of knowing HOW Brad and Angie are raising their children in beliefs or values etc? The general public perception that she’s somehow gay or transgendered at such a young age based solely on appearance, is about the only obvious preposterousness associated here.

      1. babies are BORN straight or LGBT, it’s one of the few things that comes with a person, their own mind and sexual preference. it’s not a choice, or a learned thing. I have no opinion on her orientation, only shiloh truly knows if she wants to be a boy, and she is too young to fully decipher that, however I do know, most trans people know when they are very young, a little older than shiloh. would I be surprised? No. Would I care? No, I will support their family through it all.

    3. The obsession among a lot of Americans with girls = long hair + pink is SO yesteryear! Thank heaven we DON’T all have to conform to such ridiculous standards.
      The REAL shocking thing is that grown people can be so sick and callous as to hang ANY sexual labels on any 7 year old boy or girl! How vile!! You should be ashamed of yourself and reevaluate YOUR sick brain!!!!!

  2. If you raised your kid right, it’s not going to matter how they look and what they wear. Only YOU know who they are and you know you’ve done a good job raising them, so why are you afraid of people judging and scrutinizing? People are going to do that even if you dress them “properly.” Defend them, but don’t steer them into a direction opposite of what they’re comfortable with just because you’re afraid that complete, ignorant strangers might judge them wrongly.

    She has more than one kid, you know. She’s doing a pretty fine job for someone constantly in the limelight.

    1. Thank you for your comment and for visiting my blog! I agree with that you said. I really do and your feedback actually changed my point of view so I thank you Cheryl. It shouldn’t matter what anyone says, they already will always have negative things to say and just allow the child to be whoever and however they want to be…because it’s true, in the end you know who you are and you know how you are parenting them and that’s all that matters. Hope to hear you from again soon!

    2. This is true but really, if her son wanted to be a girl would Angelina let him wear dresses and grow his hair out and put him in pigtails? If she did, would think it was OK?

      1. I agree! I guess its double slandered. Did you see the recent picture of Shiloh with her hair EVEN shorter? I’ll post that up too. I just don’t agree in turning her into looking like a boy just because she likes boy stuff. If it was the other way around, I am sure they would never allow the boy to dress like a girl. Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope I hear from you again soon!

      2. Exactly! Its cause ‘she’ loves the limelite especially if she can have a child that is ”’different”” She is pushing for this, not what’s right for the kid. Look at her & her brother, they are so f*****ed up!! She wallows in the bullcrap like a pig in s**t! The only thing Brad has done right is rebuilding in New Orleans. Try & find a photo prior to 2011 of ANY of those kids smiling???? Angelina is 37 – not that long ago she was getting married day after day, wearing blood viles, cutting herself, oh, & lets not forget chasing a married man! Something she hated about her father. Poor little Angelina, give me a break! Look at who she really is!! Messed up. Now she’s anorexic, & thats beauty???? Stop being so ”’politically” correct, & use some common sense. Or is her ”beauty” so blinding?? All of a sudden she is soooooo serious & interested in being a ”’humanitarian”’ She has $$$$$$$ people!!!

      3. Dear Josie. I see you were so busy pitting acid about Angelina that you forgot to finish your reply. I also see you lap up all tabloid news, but once again forgot something….don’t believe everything you read!
        If maybe you rather start spending your time and energy on more enriching endeavors, you might not find the need to get so worked up about a (unknown to you) celebrities’ life!

  3. When I was a wee girl I was exactly the same as Shiloh. I wanted to be a boy and as such dressed and acted like a boy/ I understand the torture of being made by a mother who was desperate for a girl to wear pink dresses and attend dance classes when I was growing up when all I wanted to do was play football and climb trees. Now that does not mean I am transgendered in fact now i have reached the grand old age of 22 I am happy as a woman and all that tailless. When you are a child gender roles are much more stereotyped and black and white. I was eger to prove i was as capable as all the boys were at being the fastest and strongest ect. I ermeber the running battles I had with my mother as she tried to bully me into dresses ect. I can say for a fact I would raise my daughter the way brad and angelina have done and let her chose her own clothes and style and not worry about what others think because I know exactly what it feels lke to be her. I knew i was a girl i was never once confused

    1. Thank you Kat for your comment and for visiting my blog! I agree with what you said, I am just looking at it differently. Did your parents have you swim in boy trunks? Even if you wanted to, they wouldn’t allow it. As parents there should always be limits. She is so young and she has a future ahead of her, who knows and who cares what she will be. It’s her life, who knows maybe tomorrow she’ll start wearing dresses again but Angelina is famous and so is her daughter and of course people are going to have their opinions about how she dresses her daughter. Shiloh isn’t the one shopping for her clothes. Thanks for your comment and visiting my blog!!

      1. I’m sorry for jumping in here (and so long after this was first posted). I’m not sure why exactly you think it is so wrong for her to be wearing swim trunks? She’s a little girl, around 5 in that picture? Nowhere near puberty. I’m sorry, I don’t quite get it. Why is her chest any different to that of a little boys at this age? It’s not. Why should her upper body be treated differently to a boys? It shouldn’t. To view a girl’s upper body (before she has begun puberty, or is even close to it by a good number of years) as something that should be covered, in my opinion, is sexualising a child. There is nothing sexual about a little girl’s chest, so why treat it so?

        I am not really interested in Angelina/Brad/celebrities in general (not sure how I ended up on this page, but it just happened!) but I am a mother to a little girl. Whilst I do agree with some points of your post I have to disagree on this one. My daughter has paddled in rivers naked – she is a child. There is nothing sexual about it, and therefore nothing that should be covered up.

  4. this is so wrong, please says something coherent, we are contributing to damage the internal image of a girl, when it should be cared for. Brad and Angelina should go to a psychologist to see what is happening, not because they are seen as men but to cut her hair, encouraging this, and Angelina had to show a very troubled with this girl, blow it calls the attention of her mother. When a teenager to dress and choose the pair you want, while you have to take care

  5. I understand and respect your opinion. Angelina and Brad allowed a radical, shocking change in their daughter’s appearance, I think it was a little over the top. Personally, I was a major tomboy growing up. I wore everything boy from flannel shirts, t shirts, boy scount uniforms (laughs) but my father and mother refused to cut my long, beautiful hair. In many ways I wish they did because it would have been easier to care for but again I am happy they didn’t because it left me with some gender identity. As for these swim trunks with Shiloh, I don’t like it. Once she hits puberty, she can’t go around exposing her breast in public because it is illegal for a child and socially unacceptable, I don’t even like to see a female child’s bare chest out in public at this age either.

    1. Thank you Chenoa!! And that is exactly what I am trying to point out! It’s okay to be a tom boy, we all go through phases but they have done a radical change in her appearance! My sister was a tom boy growing up and I was a girly girl, my mom let her dress is baggy clothes but she never allowed her to do play football with the guys or cut her hair short or anything like that. Y ou are the parent and children are too young to truly know what they want and it’s up to you to grant their wishes by controlling it. A girl’s body should be covered, no matter how old she is. She is 5ears old in swim trunks! That is just crazy to me!

  6. People are born with all sorts of DNA inperfections. Some are born blind; some without limbs; some with various diseases; some with both male and female sex organs; and SOME are born one gender on the outside, with the opposite gender on the inside. It’s SCIENCE, not about Christianity.

    Chaz Bono is now the man he always knew he was inside….and Shiloh might just be a tomboy, or she may be lesbian, or she may have more male DNA in her than female, and want to transgender someday.

    Either way, she is a sinless, perfect creature, as is Chaz. And any self-respecting “true” God would be proud of what SHE/HE created.

    1. Yes, and in some people’s DNA there’s a mean streak; and yet in other’s, there’s a strand of ‘sheepishly following the hordes’ DNA.
      Who cares what we wear at 7!
      What I find particularly ironic is that if people are not so judge mental, Shilo will not have to worry about being ridiculed – and PRESTO problem solved!
      So… If everybody would stop worrying about what Shilo wears, and rather start worrying about how to become more compassionate human beings, even God would be happy! HE sure doesn’t care what Shilo WEARS!

  7. Gender constructs are social constructs. A dress, long hair, the color pink, all of those were for boys in various times in the past. Look, they are not allowing their kid to dress like a prostitute. She’s a little kid and feels comfortable in what we term boys’ clothes and hairstyles. Her parents allow that. There is zero and I mean zero evidence that allowing a child to express themselves via dressing as a different gender from the one they were born as, turns them gay or psychologically damages them or causes gender confusion when they are older. Zero.
    In Europe, little girls rarely wear tops when swimming. Some don’t in this country either. There is no rule that states that little girls should have to wear tops to the beach or a little girls’ bathing suit. At that age, they are basically the same as boys up top. Who cares?
    I think your real problem is that Shiloh looked like a stunningly beautiful little girl and now just looks like a tomboy. Well, thank God her parents are not as shallow, with all due respect, as that. Because while there is no evidence that allowing a kid to express themselves via gender bending clothing and hairstyles is damaging, there is a ton of evidence that forcing a child to adhere to socially constructed gender stereotypes, is very damaging, whether a parent forces them to wear the clothing of the opposite sex as themselves or clothing of the same sex. Forcing gender stereotypes on children can damage their little psyches.
    I dressed as a full boy in junior high. Hacked my hair off, wore Greek fisherman caps, boys button downs, my brother’s old jeans, etc. I grew up to be a pretty feminine looking and very happy woman, though. Had my parents forced me even into your modified version of a girlish tomboy, I would have felt very sad, very confused and bad about myself.
    We need a ton of education about gender and child psychology in this country. A ton. The most important thing is that Shiloh is raised by two parents who love her to pieces and accept her for who she is, whether gay, straight, trans, whatever. Children are not supposed to be reflections of ourselves, our own biases, or our own desires, likes and dislikes. They are supposed to be little people that we cherish as separate entities who we are designed to care for and respect. Once you have your own kids you will likely see that and will understand that forcing a kid to appear in the manner you desire, according to prescribed, gender constructs, can make a kid very unhappy and unhealthy. It’s not about tantrums, it’s about picking your battles and not forcing your own narrow-mindedness onto your kids.
    And by the way, Shiloh looks absolutely gorgeous this way as well, as a tomboy, with short hair and boys clothes. I think she is still a complete doll and I think she looks cool as hell.

  8. I have a 7 year old daughter who started dressing like a boy since she was 4 years old. Until you are a parent of a child that identifies with the opposite gender you may find it hard to understand and think we are crazy for letting them dress how they wish. My daughter was very strong about wearing only boy clothing…underwear, swim shorts, suits, shoes jackets and all sorts of boy clothes. Yes I can fight her on it and force her to dress like a girl but it is not worth it. The look on her face when I let her cut her hair really short 2 years ago was priceless. After cutting her hair (and removing her earings from her ears that I pierced when she was a baby who knew lol) she had this amazing boost in her confidence. She became more outgoing, happier, and secure about herself. When people do find out she is a girl they are shocked (because she looks just like a boy now) and then they are always apologizing meanwhile her face lights up and she has a smile from ear to ear when they mistake her for a boy. So I always tell them “its okay she is a little girl that likes to look like a boy:)” I asked her how she feels about that and she said she doesnt care if they think she is a boy. She knows she is a girl but she likes to dress like a boy. Will she grow out of this? I dont know. I only want her to do what makes her happy. And seeing how happy she is identifying herself more as a boy than a girl I would never take that away from her. She is who she is and she is the most amazing little girl ever!!! When she grows up if she still wants to dress like a boy then obviously that is what makes her happy. She wouldnt be doing that if it made her sad. And by doing that she is not hurting anyone. I have to worry about what my daughter thinks and how she feels about this rather than others around her. I support her 100 percent and am so proud of her that she is who she is. I also have another daughter who is 2 and a half years older and she is very girly. So its not like I did anything to push them one way or another;) I love them both so much and am so proud of both of my girls!!

  9. I’m glad that you appear to have changed your opinion since originally writing this blog post. I don’t imagine you expected to get so much grief from it! I do understand what you’re saying about them being in the public eye and that causing problems for Shiloh in the future but my feeling is if they start changing their behaviour around their children because they are in the public eye then this will do more damage to the children in the long run.

    I think this has been seriously blown way out of proportion precisely because they are in the public eye. I could show you a picture of my daughter at two years old wearing trousers and a jumper looking very similar to shiloh, (although she’s not blonde) simply because I refused to ‘feminise’ her. Short hair was more practical at that age, as were trousers ( and she didn’t care, she was just enjoying life). I decided early on I would only buy her dolls or ‘girlie’ toys if she asked for them (she didn’t). I bought her toys she seemed to show interest in and I never forced anything on her nor did I deny her anything she showed an interest in. I let her decide what she was interested in.

    This brings me to my main point, which is: “my thing is don’t have your girl looking like a boy.” When children are three years old, what exactly constitutes ‘looking like a girl’? You are either a girl or you’re not. Do you have to have long hair, wear dresses, wear make up? I do find this quite offensive but I understand that you almost certainly didn’t mean it that way.

    My daughter is now a well-adjusted 20 year old at university, straight (not that that matters but just to show that not deliberating feminising women doesn’t make them gay!) and she is in a stable relationship. She doesn’t wear much make-up, she mostly wears jeans, but she is a beautiful attractive female and a credit to society with a lot of male and female friends.

    I don’t really know why I’m saying all this because I get the feeling I’m preaching to the choir, but anyway, I stumbled across your blog by accident and I will check it out properly tomorrow. Peace. 🙂

  10. its easy to say what you “would do” when you don’t have kids. the 2nd the kid pops out ur puss all that goes out the window. don’t judge a mother on the way her kids act unless you are one. this is supposed to be an story about Shiloh not what you would do if you are a mother, i don’t really think anyone cares how you raises your imaginary children. thanks.

  11. Seriously Shiloh was so cute !!! It’s disgusting how they let her wear that boy bathing suit. I get that she is a tomboy but there taking it to the extreme obviously Shiloh is confused. She is a little kid and doesn’t know any better and that is why it is up to the parents to be like NO you must wear a proper bathing suit.

    I never liked Angelina she is disgusted and weird. Hello people don’t you remember when she tounged her brother.

    Who cares if Shiloh wants to be a boy- but there is a point when enough is enough- I totally agree there is a proper way to dress your daughter in cute girls
    Tom Boy clothes and I honestly feel that Brad has nothing to do with this….. It’s all Angelina and her f**** up ways.

    1. Ditto Kimberly, who is the parent here? Oh, thats right, Angelina thinks if she just ‘lets’ kids do whatever, that makes her a good parent. She is f****ed up! Her entire life & those she touches will be ruined in some way!!! She justifies any & every screwed up rebellious teenage whim. A live in boyfriend at 14!!! Plz again, she is not getting the ‘mother of the yr’ award & she has NOT changed into Mother Teresa!!! Brad grow a pair!!!

  12. Well, I agree with you 100%. If Angelina Jolie is trying to make her daughter look like her brothers, why do they have long hair? This is stupid. A five year old child does not know her own mind well enough to think she is a boy inside of a girl’s body. But, if they keep catering to this absurd look, she will grow up very confused. And, the boy swim trunks is definitely too much! You were right on target.

  13. I grew up being a tomboy (mainly because I had 3 brothers) and what made things difficult for me was that my mom was too lazy to brush and do my beautiful hair that she decided to chop it off without me having a say in it. Even if I did, it was too bad for me. Boys didn’t like me because, well, I looked like a boy. Finally when I was a teenager I was able to grow my hair long and do it myself and told my mom to F! off. I didn’t start dating until I was almost 17 and then my mom thought I was a lesbian. Seriously? This woman ruined any chance I could have had with boys and I had zero self-confidence. I am a straight woman and I still love sports.

    1. How is Suri conceited? She is only 5 years old. She is a girl that loves to be girly and loves fashion. Shiloh is a girl that looks a BOY, not just dresses like one…there’s a difference. Her hair is cut like one and she swims in boy trunks like one. All children are happy, it’s up to the parents to let them be however they want to.

      1. I observed in most photos of Suri Cruise, while being dressed like a grown women since the age of 2/3yrs old (odd), she’s always carrying a blankie – even now still at the age of 7……speaking about weird and worrysome. But somehow nobody talks about that!

      2. Girls, they need to be girly and love fashion if they don’t they are weird. Suri is ok because she is like that (i know she’s just a girl and I shouldn’t be talking about her, just like you did, putting her in ridiculous examples). We shouldn’t be worried about that, we shoul be worried about make them good persons.
        Stereotypes are digusting and most of them created by men, and then reinforced by women.
        Read again your post, please. Your double standards amaze me.

    2. chances are, you do not know suri cruise. shes a beautiful little girl, and so is shiloh. exactly the way she is, and exactly how she wants to be. how can you say a 5 year old is conceited?.. you have no idea. you are being completely stereotypical, towards a LITTLE GIRL.

  14. She is obviously not too little to know that she wants to dress like a boy. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of kids having to reach a certain age before they know their own gender identity. Sexuality, now, that can be a different thing, because a child may have to reach puberty before realizing they’re gay/lesbian, but gender is something you are aware of from the start.

    As far as I can see, her parents aren’t forcing her to do anything, they’re simply allowing her to be herself. I think this is awesome and they are great parents!

    I respect your right to state your opinion, but honestly, it’s nothing to do with the media or you or me or anybody, what this kid decides to do or how she wants to dress. It’s completely and totally her decision, or at least, it should be.

    1. i completely agree. she should be allowed to express who she feels she is on the inside. that is no reflection on her parents, besides the fact that they are respecting her wishes.

      1. A 4 yr old expressing herself!! Get a grip – I would make a bet Angelina is promoting this image, it keeps her name in lites!! It really is work to actually BE a parent. Give her a choice of appropriate clothes. Look at the other girls in the family. AND someone here mentioned, the boys in this family that Shilo ”’supposidly”’ identifys with, have long hair, so wise up Angelina is / always has been screwed up!!! Poor kids, Brad ”’where are you””???

  15. Never apologize for stating your opinion! Every person says you’re entitled to one until someone decides to disagree with you, then you’re NOT– APPARENTLY. Anyway…I agree with what you said. I have 5 kids…1 who happens to be gay. Being a child can be confusing as it is, especially when you grow up in a super rich household where the sky is the limit. I realize the parents do great acts of “charity”, but being a parent also means being a disciplinarian. When you have the attitude of letting your “child decide” all the outcomes…well, that makes some outcomes limitless. Children need boundaries and limits…something you may think is fine ( ie your girl child wanting to be a boy) may progress into something more heinous in early adulthood. What I just said will make people mad..but I don’t care. When you love your kids you try and instill in them moral values, decency, a loving heart and virtue..when they’re adults they get to decide for themselves what to take or make of those principles.

  16. It is insightful and very enlightening. To the people who bash the article and comment on how transphobic the writer is, get a grip you guys. It’s her personal blog, and this is her own unique parenting style she is describing. I’m gay and I never thought about wearing girl clothes now that I’m grown up, but I’m glad my parents did not consent to my sisters putting make up on me or braiding my hair in ponytails when I was a boy (with long hair) because I would simply have been to young to defend myself or express myself when someone would go around questioning why I was in a dress and why I have rouge on my face. I think Angelina and Brad are playing it by ear and are trying to give their kids what they want. If cross dressing is such a big issue among grown ups, how can kids defend themselves and express their preferences to save themselves from being ostracized? As much as I am 100% homosexual, I would not allow my future children to take it too far.

  17. I cannot believe ANY parent would allow a child to inspire comments such as all of these. I respected Jolie and Pitt previously, but not now. Riding motorcycles like a kid himself, losing weight to the point of skeletal comparison as she has, denying the responsibilities of parenthood by allowing children to know what they want at 5 and younger, clearly we are not dealing with adult parents! Ms. Jolie and Mr. Pitt, please do humanity a favor and cease additions to your already unmanageable family!!!

    1. they are allowing their children to be who they want to be, and express themselves in a way that makes them happy. it is kids who are forced to keep who they are on the inside, to themselves, who end up becoming rebellious, and in bad cases, kill themselves.

  18. The problem I have is that Angelina has herself said she “doesn’t believe in too many rules for the kids, let them do their own thing”…. well, she needs more parenting classes because kids need boundaries. But, besides that, I never really ever felt she was close to Shiloh… she was quoted as saying that when Shiloh was a baby, she felt like she was “this blob”… you can see a difference in the way she interacted with Zahara seeming warm and doting, but every time I have seen her with Shiloh, she doesn’t look at her or something seems off, and distant. I remember that I could see the love she had for Maddox, and I never could see that with Shiloh.. Then we hear that Shiloh had her front tooth knocked out when playing with her older brothers… where’s the supervision… My opinion is that Shiloh did not “bond” with her mother the way she should have and she “bonded” with her brothers…. she bonded with boys and began to identify herself as a boy. Kids need guidance and structure and these kids aren’t getting it and that’s a very bad parental mistake that will show up later. They walk around holding bags of cheetos, eating junk food. I heard that if they want cake for breakfast, they get it… what the heck. Don’t get me wrong, Brad and Angie appear to love their kids, they just don’t know how to be a good parent… Angie didn’t exactly have good role models.

  19. Whoever wrote this article has no clue. OBVIOUSLY the child wanted her hair cut that shot, the parent didnt do it because THEY wanted it that way! As a mother of three i am almost positive i can imagine how it came about, the child whines and carries on for several months about wanting her hair cut short, the parents are reluctant, thinking its just a phase and she may regret it, but after enough time (and begging) goes by, they realize its NOT a phase and the child truly wants this, so despite what the public (and morons such as the author of this post) may think, they do it because it will make their child happy.

    1. If you knew how to read and read entire comments with intelligent comprehension, you certainly would not be judging others by yourself!!! Who’s the moron here??? No one is berating the parents for a short haircut…most of us women had short haircuts at some point in time, but we didn’t “become” boys!!! Look at the entire “look!” If a parent isn’t required to provide guidance to a child, who is? Perhaps you, oh mighty

      1. Um, tons of people were especially pissed about the hair cut… Read the comments again, hypocrite.

        As for guiding your child… You should be teaching your child about not hurting people and protecting his/her body. Dressing or looking like a boy (as though there’s a difference) is NOT harmful. FORCING a child to look or act in a way that s/he doesn’t want to, like forcing Shiloh to look like a girl when she wants to look like a boy or vice versa IS.

        This was clearly Shiloh’s choice, and she’s not hurting anyone. Who cares if she looks like a boy? Gender is just a social construct anyway. It’s not a big deal if a girl wears swim trunks– it’s not like she has breasts or anything to “expose”.

        Honestly, you ignorant people get so worked up about superficial concepts like gender.

  20. I am no big fan of Angie and Brad, but I think they seem to be doing all right by their kids. Shiloh seems just fine – she is probably quite sure about what she wants if she is like her mom. Frankly, I think it is refreshing to see a kid (famous or not) who does not seem fashion obsessed at such a young age. The kids who are doing that (like creepy little Suri Cruise) are the ones I worry about in the long run!

  21. I don’t believe that this is the “I was born in the wrong body” situation at all– it never even occurred to me that that was Shiloh’s situation. I know it’s Brad and Angelina who are pressing Shiloh as a boy and putting her in swim trunks and boy clothing because of their own personal beliefs and interests in the GLBT community. They are trying to make a point. I am not trashing the GLBT community but I think that Shiloh’s parents pressing this issue through their own child who has been dressing like this since young toddler-age is wrong and sad. I do understand the transgender idea and “being born in the wrong body” point– but this is not the case with Shiloh.

  22. I am the Mother of 5 children. My opinion is Angelina has her hand in Shiloh’s image. Listen, if Shiloh (who supposedly has wanted to dress like a boy from age about three) was really allowed to dress herself it would not look like the outfits that these adults are putting on her. Have you ever seen how a very small child dresses themselves? She would be running around with a superman cape and cowboy boots paired with a Zorro mask and over-alls maybe but never the sophisticated “Montenegro” style she is seen in.

    1. THIS ^^ – I remember my brother living in his dinosaur/batman/spiderman outfits for over 2 years, every minute he wasn’t in his school uniform that is. That is how a child dresses themselves. My sister wore pink everything. I never wore pink, but had a penchant for old fashioned dresses with lacy collars (don’t ask!) but my mum let us wear what WE wanted. It certainly wasn’t some ‘sophisticated style’!

  23. I agree with you, it’s gross and if she wasn’t going to grow to be gay but just some tomboy that would outgrow the phase, her parents are not helping by dressing her like that an awkward looking little boy and cutting her hair like a boy. She looks awful and used to be such a cutie pie. Gross!

  24. WAKE UP PEOPLE – maybe JUST MAYBE they don’t want their “most beautiful daughter in the world” being attacked by a sexual predator! Isn’t this the perfect age to let the little girl forget for just 5 minutes and be free???

  25. I want to start by commending u on posting your opinion at a time were saying any thing about sexual orientation or gender confusion gets you nailed to the cross. I have 3 boys as we do not watch Tyler Perry, Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawrence dress as women an parade around with a wpmans demenor. That is not entertainment for me. But I have been critized for this. As far as Shiloh wanting to be a boy she may by now very well think that, but they have been dressing her gruny since before she could have ever had any kind of “fashion since” I believe her parents are into some sick hollywood things and this is where this stems.from. These are NOT regular people these are super stars very much aware of the media and the fact that they are on display and idolized by parents and couples alike. There action I believe r calculated and purposely done for an alternative reason that letting their tomboy express herself.

  26. By all means, let’s make sure that everyone in the world fits the box in which you think they should reside.
    A little girl with short hair who wears “boy” swim trunks? Oh, the TERROR! If you didn’t have pictures to prove it, I’d hardly believe it’s possible!

    Talk about White People Problems–regardless of your skin color.

    Whether she turns out to be straight, gay, trans or WHATEVER–WHY DO YOU CARE??!!
    The only reason that I care that you care is because it sickens me that people as narrow-minded and stunted as you are the types that will raise your children to believe the same ridiculous drivel you were fed as a child.

    Oh, well. As long as the boys have short hair and play with toy trucks and the girls have long hair and want to play dress up… I guess that all is right in the world. No reason to test the waters with the reality of who people truly are.

  27. i think you are being very judgmental. if thats what that little girl wants to wear, that is what her parents should let her wear. and that is exactly what they are doing. allowing her to wear what she wants, and be who she wants to be.. is not a lack of paying attention to thier child. it is respecting the girl’s will to be whoever she pleases.

  28. You should not speak about things you know nothing about! Let me tell you I was expecting a girly girl. I have a beautiful 5 year old daughter (she is gorgeous) who has selected every item of clothing since she was 18 mths old. She is surrounded by boy cousins and friends. Each time she went to her cousins house she put on his clothes and convinced her aunt to send a few items home. At five she is able to figure out what clothes her brother has grown out of and puts them in her drawer’s. When she ropes her grandma into shopping for her it is always in the boy section. She has her own style and wears it with confidence. I would not change a thing. Recently, I cut her hair…in a short Bob. Something I NEVER have done and did not understand other parents perspective. The stringy food goobed, sand and mud coated strands which she refused to put in a simple baret’s or let me comb were enough for me to finally to chop it off. I have no worries about her future. I suspect in the teen years I will wish her tomboy ways will resurface!

  29. And a side not! If she were to like girls when she gets older…its her choice. Everyone deserves one person who is crazy in love with them. Gender doesn’t matter!!!

  30. oh wow. Just stumbled on this article by accident. All I can say is, excusing pushing your desires on to a child just because you’re not a mother is just plain awful! I’m not a mother but I know enough that making choices for your kids and only partially listening to them isn’t the way to go. I had depression for years because my parents thought they knew better than me and forced me to go along with it and their more concern what others might think of me. Seriously, I am so glad Shiloh landed with Angelina who actually allows (and that is the key and most important part here) ALLOWS her children to be EXACTLY who they are. Anything else and you damage your kids. End of. I implore any parent, do not push YOUR selfish desires on your kids. Let them be who they truly are, then they won’t spend years trying to figure it out! And I also implore any one who isn’t a parent to not write damaging articles like this. It’s not on.

  31. I wonder if everyone was OK with that if it was a boy who wants to dress as a girl…
    Let the kids express themselves? Really?? Would you let your 6 year old boy dress up in dresses and doll shoes and walk around with pigtails just because he wants to?
    I doubt it…

    1. If I had a son, I’d let him wear whatever he wanted, skirt or not, and if he got stick at school for it I would talk to the principal.

      Our era may not have little boys wearing dresses, but it’s not that long since people did – take a look at photographs of Edwardian children, taken when my own grandfather was a tiny boy, and you’ll see a lot of boys in frocks. There’s nothing wrong with letting boys wear skirts and girls crop their hair. If you think there is, you’re as narrow-minded as you think everyone else is.

  32. Really? Who cares what she looks like/how she dresses. These are 6 kids that are taken care of (three of which may never have had a life without Angelina and Brad). Look at the facts that matter!

  33. This is the 21st Century. There’s nothing wrong with girls with short hair, or boys with long hair. They don’t need to be transgender to not want to conform to old fashioned stereotypes. Kids should be allowed to express themselves. They are individuals, and not just extensions of their parents. I’m glad you don’t have kids, and I hope you’ve grown up some more before you have any.


    Seriously who are you to criticise a LITTLE KID on what she is wearing. Horrible. Grow up. Let her be who she wants to be. I think it is great that they let her do her thing.

    I can’t believe you say that you ‘cringe’ when you see a little girl with short hair. Wow.

    Read a book girl, put down your judgemental glossy magazines and read a book.

  35. I believe that they are doing the RIGHT thing, simply because if Shiloh wants to be a boy it’s harmful to not let her transform. If kids feel that they are in the wrong body and no one is letting them express it the way that they feel they need to not want to need to then the suicide rates go up. I was transgendered when I was little I was one of the few that did out grow it but I am a lesbian and now I speak for those kids who outgrow it and don’t outgrow it. It’s not your choice to say whether they’re doing the right thing, because they are doing what’s best for their child believe it or not.

  36. I’m late replying to this but only just saw it.

    Your last sentence…wow. I will tell you frankly now that this whole post of yours makes ME cringe. Who do you think you are to dictate what a little kid should do with herself? – for that’s what her hair is, a part of her body. She has every right to have her hair in a boy cut if she wants to be a boy at this age. It doesn’t matter what’s between the kid’s legs – she should get to dress the way she wants, and have her hair arranged the way she wants it. There is nothing wrong with any of that, and I find it pretty offensive that you apparently want to make people think that there is.

    Shiloh’s parents are just following her wishes, according to what Angelina states her daughter has said to her about what she wants. There is nothing wrong with that when it’s about clothes or a haircut. She is dressing, and having her hair styled, in the way SHE wants to do it. You aren’t her family, so it’s not your place to complain about how she has her hair. I think it looks good on her – and actually, I *can* tell she’s a girl in that picture with Vivienne. It’s in the facial structure, if you look – most girls tend to have fuller lips and finer cheekbones than most boys, even at such an early age as this.

    Anna really said it in short, and what she said is right: if you ever want to have children, you need to do some serious growing up and developing into a bit less narrow-minded of a person before you even start trying for them. You’ll be a terrible parent if you don’t, and your children may grow up repressed and unhappy – which is evidently how you want little Shiloh to feel. I can’t believe you.

    Kids should have the right to express their gender identity in any way they feel fit, just as adults should and generally do. Whether or not she’s transgendered – and if she is, her pronoun would be ‘he’, not ‘she’, but since we don’t know that yet and we do know she’s female-bodied I’ll stick with the female pronoun until Shiloh is old enough to understand the concept of trans* and tell us herself – and whether or not her sexuality is other than heterosexual. It doesn’t matter.

    If it makes you feel any better – though I would hope this doesn’t matter either – I was like Shiloh at about her age, wore boys’ clothes, did boys’ things and had my hair cut short. I stayed that way all through high school – and now, at 27, I wear nail polish, long dresses and skirts and have my hair down to my hips. My sister followed much the same path. One of us is homoromantic, asexual and polyamorous, the other is heteroromantic, heterosexual and monoamorous/monogamous. Everyone is different. Differences should be CELEBRATED.

    Shame on you for making such a long post about how a little girl and her mother – whom you don’t even know personally – decide to dress her and to cut her hair. It is NONE of your business.

  37. Dear god…
    You’re the one that’s is a bad (potential) parent. Let your kids be who they are and freely express how they feel and don’t dictate and control them. Children are actual people and not little dolls. If a child grows up being controlled, when they are actual adults they will have SO many problems.
    You know, I’m a lesbian and I was certainly not as “tomboyish” as Shiloh but… my mom did restrict me from doing many “boyish” things and forced me to do more “girlish” things.
    Now, I’m 19 and I’m a mixture. I like wearing filly dresses and men’s combat boots. I like cooking and sewing, but I also like doing outdoors things and such.
    And until recently really, I’ve been so uncomfortable with myself because until I moved out from my parents, I COULDN’T BE MYSELF.
    And from being controlled as a child, I’ve developed depression and borderline personality disorder.

    Just let your child be the person they are. Because after all, they are people.

  38. Why does how she dress matter? You were right with saying the child picks what they like and it is up to the parent to let them have it or not. We, as a society assign gender identities to children. It has nothing to do with their sexuality or anything else. Society likes to put girls in dresses and have boys play football. Gender idenity is forced on people and they are choosing not to do that to their child. The fact that she is in the media all the time makes it even better. It proves that it is ok to be who you are and not who others want you to be. It is good for other kids and close-minded people to see her as a person and not a gender.

    1. As a person, not a gender?!? Well, people ARE genders..if you’re not a gender then you’re a mutation. Male or female..bottom line. Gay or straight…bottom line. Stop blurring all the lines so that it can conform to your own lifestyle. People with the “let them express themselves” opinion are either NOT a parent (at least, not a decent one), or are completely mentally retarded. Serial killers are also “just people” let them be. Pedophiles are also “just people” let them be. Maybe if there mom and dad would have let them express their feelings earlier it wouldn’t have moved from fantasy into reality…right?? Either way, your mentalities are sending this country straight down the toilet. Just wait till all these “expressive” kids grown up….

  39. When I was young I wanted to be a boy? I liked sports I liked boys clothing and I had short hair. My parents let me dress and look how I wanted to.. I even wore boys swim trunks? I’m not sure why that offends you or makes you cringe? It had nothing to do with my sexuality I was always straight I just felt more comfortable dressing like a boy. The fact that people are suggesting she’s transgendered or gay simply because she identifies with men is a little ignorant in my opinion. I’m 21 now and love being a girl. The fact that my parents let me dress that way hasnt affected my life whatsoever. So I think you, along with too many people, are overreacting!

  40. I do agree with you.. I just found beautiful photos about shiloh when she was a baby until 2 years old. She just so adorable… I think she is the most cute blonde baby that I’ve ever seen. But I dissapointed how Angelina raises her… If only I can adopt her, I would not allow her to pick the wrong way, in fact, angelina seems to just push her lovely daughter to the most wrong way. Sory, bad english. Please refer to all the article when she was 2 years, she really loves play with baby dolls, she hug it, and pretend like she’s the mom. She just a normal little girl, who have a horrible parent. How come she become like that, if it’s not angelina and brad whose did behind this. I think angeline is the one who take control. Well they are not a bad parent for all their 6 kids, but they are the most bad parents for shiloh. I don’t know if angelina uses her adorable daughter to has attention from media, since they have attention to the gay. I respect that. I think they are just want to help the gay to have their rights. But dresses their adorable daughter to be a boy is the very bad way to express that. Can we do something to shiloh? Can we safe her from her bad parrents? I’ts broke my heart knowing there are a mother like angelina. She is not bad but, she is not good either, she let her most beautiful daughter and push her to the wrong way. I’m not sure whether shiloh really likes to become a boy, if it’s not angelina who push her like that. If I say something wrong in my oppinion, I’m sorry… But I just express my attention to shiloh, I hope God will protect and drive her to the right way… To His way… To all who care for shiloh, can we do something to her? It’s not to late, since she only 6 years old at the moment.. Can we drive her back just like when she was 2 years old? She loves baby doll.. Hug them, and she is just a normal girl :
    Please see the link, and it would really broke your heart to see shiloh when she was 2 years oldn hugging her baby dolls, she was just a normal girl… I dissapointed with angelina and brad

    1. Safe shiloh, I completely agree with you. It is a strange and awful thing to watch how Angelina is perverting her little girl and yet there is nothing we can do, we just watch and hope the little girl will be okay in the end.

  41. I say lets just allow the children to raise themselves. They obviously are mature and experienced enough to know what they need, when they need it. Sarcasm aside, lets get back to parenting and stop the madness of treating them like they’re equals.

  42. I don’t get it! you start by sating that you had a sister that wasn’t really girly that it’s ok, that you understand that everyone has the right to express themselves. But then your point is that Shillo’s parrents shouldn’t actually accept what she wants and make sure to make as girly as possible! How does that make any sense! Plus it’s their life! why would seeing her make you “cringe”? Her hair, clothes, taste, life and whatever have absolutly nothing to do with you or anyone else, the only people who actually have the right to critisize her are her parents. And thank God they actually respect their daughter enough not to try to make her into something that would please people insted of thinking about her.

  43. Your ignorance is one of the many things wrong with this world. You shouldn’t have opinions of things that you clearly have no business in let alone not having a clue about it. Who cares if Shiloh wants to dress and look like a boy? Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s son wears tu-tus….are you going to write an ignorant article about how he shouldn’t be dressing like a little girl?

    You’re an ass.

  44. It is amazing to me some of the comments that are made here. I have a niece, who at the age of about 3 decided that she wanted to dress like a boy. My son, her cousin is 1.5 years older and so we gave all of his old clothes to her – including his bathing trunks which she insisted on wearing – with her parents approval. She is now 12 years old and while still a tomboy, dresses like a girl on occasion now. Even if she had decided that she was a boy or gay, her parents would have loved her the way she was. Kudos to the Pitts for raising their children in a non-judgemental way and loving them unconditionally rather than forcing them to conform with what society percieves that they should be.

  45. I don’t think anyone has the right to exercise an opinion on this situation because, in reality, NO ONE here knows the full situation and therefore NO ONE has the right to make assumptions and accusations and decide whether they are good parents or not. Also, if you are so worried about the publics perception of this child why would you write a public post criticizing this childs parents, who you don’t even know? Leave the parenting to the parents and all other trusted adults to the child, and leave your opinion for within your own family.

  46. I think everyone is making a fuss over something which in my opinion is NOT the end of the world. Everyone deserves to show their opnion but with respect, neither Shiloh nor Angelina were disrespected.
    The author already apologized and honestly she or he idk, didn’t ofended anyone, and i’ll tell you why? When you start a blog you want to state YOUR opinion and express yourself about a topic you are interested in, and in this case, the beliefs of the author about this specific situation are obviously not positive, but it’s just her/his opinion, and it NEEDS to be RESPECTED.
    Everyone is diferent and would be different as a parent, but just because some of you are already parents, you don’t have the right to treat someone like that. Because you believe as a parent, she/he doesn’t know what he/she is talking about.
    I believe kids in that age are not certain of what they want (I mean even in some cases I’m not certain of what i want), and it’s the responsability of the parents to show them the way, to guide them. If they’re not comfortable with being a girl or boy, when they have conciousness about it, there’s always a way to solve the “problem”, with an operation to change your gender and PERIOD.
    I must state that i’m not against transgenders, I believe that everything happens for a reason and maybe they were not supposed to born as a boy or girl, but that’s the way it is. It takes time to understand, make sure and execute a plan in order to make the best desicion to improve your child’s life.

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