Decor Idea

Kimmy Vase Filler

As I mentioned a while ago I love decor and I have  growing passion for interior design. I am visual and I love things to be the way I want them and how I believe should be. Ever since I was little I would tell my mom where to move the furniture, what pieces doesn’t look good and she needs to get rid of…even though she never listens to me I never stopped giving her my opinions. I love a beautiful decorated home and I just cannot wait to have a home of my own!

Here I go with rambling! I just saw this and I fell in love! Isn’t it such a creative idea?! The miscellaneous spools of twine and string are unexpectedly beautiful. And the neutral palette creates an earthy yet simple feast for the eyes.

Do you have any creative decor ideas? I started to post about interior design and share my thoughts on home decor and I stopped but I think I will start doing it again. My passion has always been fashion and interior design has been the only thing other than fashion that I have growing a passion for.

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