Picture of the day

I just saw this gorgeous picture of Khloe Kardashian-Odom. She looks so beautiful!! I am loving the big wavy hair! Like I have said before, she is a pretty girl with a beautiful body but for some reason she poses in angles and smiles that doesn’t make her look attractive and for her tall curvy body she doesn’t dress to flatter her body. I wish I can give her, Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson much needed make overs!

Khloe has always been the favored and most liked Kardashian. Her funny and blunt personality makes everyone love her and laugh because of her. Through out the seasons of their shows, she remained true to herself and she didn’t change not how she is and not how she looks like the most famous Kardashain, Kim. You got to see her growth and connected with her insecurities. She is very relatable to many young women. She is only one of them I can stand. I wish she would continue to get the most recognition because she isn’t annoying about the media attention she receives and basically doesn’t have Kris Jenner demand for it with stages shots, putting out fake rumors to stay in the headlines and endless endorsements. The Kardashians are a walking billboard, everything they wear, everything they say, carry, tweet and show on their shows is all calculated and making money off of and the genius behind Kris Jenner is…she knows how to market the girls, especially Kim and how to lure young girls and women in to love them and want to buy everything they talk about. You can’t knock their hustle you can only wish they will allow themselves to step away from the fame  and quit being media hungry and for the media to stop covering them and acting as if they are doing something good for the world.

Anyway, why do I always ramble on?

Her show Khloe & Lamar makes me want to be in love! Doesn’t that go for us all? And how beautiful does she look in this picture?!? She needs to pose like this for every picture she takes!


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