Picture of the day

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Wow! Bethenny Frankely has always been very slim, but she was natural skinny now she looks scary skinny. She admits that she has always had an obsession with her weight and even when she found out she was pregnant on Real Housewives of New York she caused many women to be upset when she said “what am I supposed to be fat now.” Well, she didn’t because even throughout her pregnancy she was very skinny and was watching what she was eating, causing her daughter to be born two months early and premature. She promotes healthy eating but right now she is promoting something else and it’s not “naturally thin”. I really do think she loves the weight she is at now, to her nothing taste as good as skinny feels. I don’t think skinny is beautiful, I think there is nothing more beautiful then a woman who has curves and embraces it. To each is own and whatever makes you happy and comfortable in your own skin but if you are in the public don’t contradict yourself and talk about healthy eating and lifestyle to women all over when you don’t even look healthy. This season on her show “Bethenny Happily Ever After” it seemed so fake and she was trying to be somebody else, nicer and she isn’t a geninly nice person we have seen that many times on her shows and heard it many times from fans and reporters. It was also reported that she did retakes and edited herself to appear nicer to the audience.  She is a smart business woman and all and I always liked her and we are all happy to see her suceeed because we watch her have nothing to everything (even though she kept saying she had no money in her bank and was flat broke for audiences to feel sorry for her, she was living in a apartment uptown, wearing designer clothes, andshoes and several Birkin bags… exaggerating to only come back to promote her brand have an uplifting story to tell..which to me, was a brilliant business move and it ulitmalty lead her to earn $140 million.) Now…for some reason after watching her Bethenny Happily Ever After, I found myself liking her less and less. Don’t go from being who you are and being loved for it, abrasive and aggressive to being fake and scripted.


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