Picture of the day

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Click to view full size imageI literally can’t believe my eyes. Beyonce and Jay Z are holding hands!!! The only PDA we see of them is when they are vacationing and they get caught by the paparazzi and even then the PDA isn’t all lovey dovey. I love those two, together and as artists but it does get annoying and old when they are photographed together and they walk like they don’t know one another. We all know you are married and have been together for 8 years – I know some people aren’t into PDA and especially with those two mega super stars, they know thats what people want to see and they have always been super private and they just aren’t going to give it to them which I get but seeing them hold hands in these above pictures is so cute and refreshing to see. They have always looked so in love and it’s just nice to see them just not care and just allow themselves to be comfortable in public. Every girl wants to walk hand in hand with her man and Beyonce looks so happy to be that girl for once. I am pretty sure this is a once in a life time moment and we probably won’t see any sort of PDA from the two of them – other than their usual walk of him putting his arm around her – but I know their fans will love seeing this side of them.


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