Photo of the day

I thought this picture was funny! Donald Chump has been so annoying in the press slamming President Obama and claiming he wasn’t born in the states and he questions how he was smart enough to get into Harvard. The running joke now is Chump is going to be asking for the death certificate of Osama’s death! LOL Last night was such a historic night, I heard fire works and USA chants outside my window and saw the celebrations outside the white house on TV and it made me so proud and happy. Justice has been done. The death of Osama won’t bring back all the thousands that were killed on 9/11 but him being death is justice served and now we can just pray that will be the end and extremists and Osama supporters won’t cause an uproar. It is bittersweet, we are happy of his death but we are all scared of what can happen next.

Anyway, President Obama has already made so much history and he has done a lot of changes in the country. Yes he did and yes we can all come together as one nation united. I don’t even think  he needs to run again for his second term, it’s pretty much set he is going to be our president for the next 6 years. I wish he can be out President for the rest of his life!!! No other president will ever be better than him or create history as much as he has.

Obama for life!!


Ground Zero celerating Bin Laden’s death

Times Sqaure

 Outside the White House


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