I find it so moving hearing people singing our national anthem and chanting USA outside the white house gates!! Now lets pray nothing happens from here on out and this doesn’t cause an uproar from extremists and other terrorists that will try fill in Osama’s shoes! Hopefully this can bring world peace!!!!!!

Last night it was reported all over the world that one of the most Notorious Terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, was killed during a gunfight with United States Troops in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

According to reports, U.S troops had been searching the deserts and mountains of the Middle East for almost 10 years for Bin Laden because they originally thought he was hiding out in a cave. In August of last year, The U.S was given a tip that Osama Bin Laden may be living at an Abbottabad compound (100 Miles outside of Pakistan) and they began monitoring the location, which wasn’t a cave, but a million dollar mansion with 12 foot walls. The house had no phone or television and the residents burned their trash. The windows of the house were very tall with few points of access, and U.S. officials concluded it had been built to hide someone.

Around 1:30am Sunday Morning (late afternoon East Coast time), approximately 25 Navy Seals under Joint Special Operations Command cooperating with the CIA stormed the mansion and exchanged gunfire with Bin Laden and his men. The reported casualties included Bin Laden, two of his cohorts, one of his sons, and a woman who one of the men used as a shield. There were other people, including women and children, inside of the home but they allegedly went uninjured. One of the helicopters that swept the locations was damaged in the incident, but not destroyed and U.S. forces decided to demolish the helicopter themselves with explosives. Though Pakistan is claiming that the movement was a joint force between the United States and Pakistani governments, the U.S. is claiming that only their personnel were involved in the operation.

In a speech, Obama delivered to the Nation last night, he said:

Shortly after taking office, I directed Leon Panetta, the director of the CIA, to make the killing or capture of bin Laden the top priority of our war against al Qaeda, even as we continued our broader efforts to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat his network.

Then, last August, after years of painstaking work by our intelligence community, I was briefed on a possible lead to bin Laden. It was far from certain, and it took many months to run this thread to ground. I met repeatedly with my national security team as we developed more information about the possibility that we had located bin Laden hiding within a compound deep inside of Pakistan. And finally, last week, I determined that we had enough intelligence to take action, and authorized an operation to get Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice.

Today, at my direction, the United States launched a targeted operation against that compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. A small team of Americans carried out the operation with extraordinary courage and capability. No Americans were harmed. They took care to avoid civilian casualties. After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.

Meanwhile, a resident of Abbottabad live blogged/tweeted during the attack without knowing exactly what he was witnessing.

Helicopter hoovering around Abbottabad at 1am (is a rare event)

A huge window shaking bang here in Abbottabad Cantt. I hope it’s not the start of something nasty

The Abbottabad helicopter/UFO was shot down near the Bilal town area, and there is a report of a Flash. People saying it could be a drone.

And now a plane flying over Abbottabad…

Report from a taxi driver: The army has cordoned off the crash area and is conducting door-to-door search in the surrounding

Report from a sweeper: A family also died in the crash, and one of the helicopter riders got away and is now being searched for.

A Major of the #Pakistan #Army’s 19 FF, Platoon CO says incident at #Abbottabad where #helicopter crashed is accidental and not an “attack”

The Major also says no “missiles” were fired and all such exaggerated reports are nothing but rumours #Pakistan.


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