When Pregnancy Pictures goes wrong…

(why is she posing with a teddy bear?! she calls herself “child-like and internally 12” so here goes to wondering who is going to be the biggest baby, her or her twin babies!)

i really don’t like this cover. it isn’t a classy picture of a pregnant woman, especially one that is 42 years old. i can’t find the right word to explain what i think of this picture….

mariah 76

this picture looks kind of cheap, the lighting isn’t good and it looks like it was snapped from a phone or a regular camera, not in a professional camera for a posed picture that will run in a national magazine and all over the internet. i don’t like how she is posing and defiantly not liking the draping she is using to cove her breast.

Seriously now? Why is he grabbing her boobs for dear life? This isn’t what anyone wants to see and its just tacky, wacky and kind of crappy. she is 41 years old, there are so many different ways to pose for pregnancy photos with your husband in a classy way…this picture, i am sorry to say but it looks sort of trashy.


Here are some of my favorite magazine covers of famous pregnant women over the past years that made positive headlines unlike Mariah Carey’s. All the pics were done tastefully. There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman and pregnancy pictorials are so classy and beautiful if shot the right way.

Britney Spears Pregnant Nude Cover

christina aguilera pregnant cover

Claudia Schiffer Pregnant Cover

Demi Moore Pregnant cover

(Demi Moore was the first pregnant famous women to pose naked while pregnant in a magazine and hers remains the best one!)


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