Picture of the day

Amar'e Stoudemire Ciara and DJ Prostyle

Ciara and NBA super star Amare Stouemire are rumored to be dating. I am pretty sure they are, she has mostly been at every Knicks game, along side Carmelo Anothony’s wife Lala Anthony. Ciara and La are best friends and Amare and Carmelo are close friends as well so it only makes sense to those two up! I think they make a beautiful couple, they are both tall, skinny and good looking. I really like them together. Seems like the “it” thing to do nowadays in Hollywood is for the girls to date athletes!  Hopefully it is in fact true that they are together and they’ll get married and have adorable tall, skinny babies! LOL


Via: Theybf.com

Kevin Frazier of HipHollywood interviewed Ciara last night and he says she confirmed her girlfriend status with Amar’e.  He reports:

“Just interviewed Ciara and she admitted that she and Amare are indeed a couple. She was very shy about it and said “you know I don’t talk about my personal life” but when I pushed she shook her head laughed and said yes they are a coouple. She added that this is a very happy time in her life and that she is really enjoying herself! She and Amare were snapped at a party after the Met Gala last night.”

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