Bag Obsession!

Jay-z and Beyonce

Beyonce and Jay Z were spotted in Paris..Beyonce is getting ready for her “comeback”, she had a two year break. It’s harder now for her now that she isn’t the only female artist dominating the charts, she finally has competition – Lady Gaga, Katey Perry, Taylor Swift and Rihanna. But Beyonce always makes a huge splash, so you can only expect and recieve greatness from Queen B. She wore this cute floral dress, her body looking slim, fit and ready to start dancing her bootylicious booty off…but what I am obsessing over is that bag!!!!!!!!!!!! I need it to in my life. I don’tl ike it with the dress, it’s too much of loud prints. The bag looks like its real leather Crocodile skin and I am pretty positive that it is by Jimmy Choo.

Honey, I’d rock that bag with a simple outfit – skinny black jeans and a black top with Loubution pumps. You gotta let the bag be the biggest accessory.

BTW, I love how we know that Jay Z is recording an can tell when he lets his hair grow. He always grows out his hair when he starts recording an album and then cuts it off when it’s finished. Hopefully after they both drop their upcoming albums, they can start having a family! It’s so funny how the world is literally wanting Beyonce to take a real long break and start having kids, they’re looking out for Jigga man who has expressed his desire to have children, he turns 43 this year and Beyonce will be turning 30.


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