Quote of the day

Kimora Lee Simmons is upset  over a recent story claiming that she refrained from eating to cause a recent weight loss, and the Baby Phat queen is firing back big time. On her blog, Kimora lashed out at a column by PopEater’s Rob Shuter, saying that her quotes were taken far out of context.:

“This story led people to believe that I shed 25 lbs by not eating, which is completely ridiculous. I am a mother of three young children, two of whom are girls and I’m trying to raise them with a healthy body image,” Kimora wrote. The fashion-focused mom continued, saying: “It’s taken me almost a year to lose close to 25 lbs and I did it through healthy diet and exercise. So yes, I’m a bit smaller, but still curvy and 100% healthy and proud of my body and the time it has taken me to undergo this personal journey for myself. I’m not one of those “superstar moms” who lost all their baby weight in a week. So, yes, I’m upset about the innuendo because I just can’t win. In the past year there have been numerous rumors about my weight — first I was attacked for being a size 10, now I’m anorexic? I’m a real woman and I represent real women. I believe that people are beautiful at any size, color or weight.”

Kimora says that the column was “a silly way to sensationalize a story”, especially when you know young people will be reading it. There must be more accountability in reporting, especially considering the far-reaching impact on girls and young women who are exposed to this kind of misleading information on a daily basis.  Society and media will never see women as beautiful if they aren’t a certain size and look a certain way.

We are seeing women like Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Khloe Kardashian and Aubrey O’Day to name a few, who have gorgeous figures that get bashed in blogs and magazines and get called “fat” as they watch their bodies fluctuate. They are FAR from being fat, they have beautiful, real womanly bodies. We also have hypocrites like Tyra Banks and Kim Kardashian that make such a big deal about loving their curves yet Tyra went on and on on about how she was criticized for gaining weight, tells the world to kiss her fat ass and tells girls to love themselves however shape they come than we see her looking skinny as ever and then she gets criticized for being a hypocrite. Kim who contradicts herself constantly, endorses diet supplements, fitness DVD’s, shape up sneakers, constantly talks about how she loves her curves, accepts her cellulite and blah blah, then says the opposites in her daily interviews and thinks of herself as a role model for young girls to embrace their bodies. She is the last person on earth I would ever see as a role model for young girls and women. Then when LeAnn Rhymes, Ashlee Simpson, Nicole Richie start looking extremely  skinny they get ridiculed for being anorexic and how unhealthy they are.They can never win, the women in Hollywood, the girls in schools and the women everywhere are all pressured to look a certain way. Instead of accepting who they are they are we are all paralyzed of the idea of how the  media and society think we should look like.


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