Picture of the day

This picture is kind of crazy…there are a lot worse out there with him being bombarded by the paparazzi and fans but this picture stuck out to me for some reason. I think it’s too much and too soon for a young kid to handle all the attention. Hopefully he gets a chance to be a kid when he isn’t touring the world, recording, traveling for press, being hounded by paparazzi and fans. He needs a long break away from the spotlight every time he drops an album and does the media tour. I am iffy about child stars because we see what ends up happening, there’s only a few like Justin Timberlake, Hillary Duff, Raven Symone that handled it well with no mishaps and bumps in their careers. It’s by having good parents and no “yes people” around them, taking breaks and stepping away from the spotlight. I don’t think Justin Bieber’s career is going to last as long as Timberlake’s but only time will tell if his fans grow with him or they’ll just go for the next big thing like what happened with the Jonas Brothers.


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