WWE Edge, says good bye.

Edge’s retirement announcement, on Monday Night RAW, came at a huge surprise to many fans, pundits, and wrestlers. Due to Edge’s spinal condition, doctors told him he would have to retire or risk serious injury like paralysis. At 37 years of age, Edge was still a main event star in the WWE, retiring as the World Heavyweight Champion. After Monday night’s episode of RAW went off the air, superstars Randy Orton and John Cena came out and paid tribute to Edge.

According to PWTorch.com, Orton and Cena both praised Edge for his hard work, his commitment, his successful career, and for being a great guy. After they finished talking, the live crowd gave Edge another standing ovation. During the live broadcast of WWE RAW, Edge the 11 time world champion, came out and said he was retiring due to a spinal condition that resulted from his broken neck in 2003. The wear and tear of pro-wrestling made Edge’s repaired neck worse, causing a narrowing of the spinal column. This narrowing caused Edge to experience numbness and uncontrollable trembling in his arms and hands. According to a story on wwe.com, years of taking bumps after surgery has resulted in a narrowing of Edge’s spinal column above and below his fused discs. If Edge continued wrestling, doctors said he would be risking paralysis or even death.

As Edge was making his retirement speech – which was classy and heartfelt – I kept waiting for someone such as Alberto Del Rio or Christian to come out and interrupt him, thereby indicating that this was all just an angle. Al though it was wishful thinking I wasn’t surprised, Edge had said in some newspaper interviews over the past year that he could see himself retiring in two years when his contract is up because of all of the injuries he has suffered.

Randy Orton and Edge once formed an imposing tag-team in 2006 and 2007 called Rated RKO. They won the tag-team titles on one occasion and were involved in memorable feuds with other WWE stars. Perhaps none more memorable than their feud against DX  which came to a head at the 2007 New Year’s Revolution PPV.

Edge has had a spectacular 13-year career in WWE and has won more championships than anyone in company history. It’s sad that he won’t be wrestling anymore, but it would be even sadder if he ended up in a wheelchair – or worse – by continuing to get in the ring.

I loved when WWE showed Edge’s final walk backstage, where he was applauded by his peers. Edge who is the current champion will be surrender his title on Thursday night Smackdown!.


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