Rumor has it…

Rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez who is having the best year of her life is going to be the cover girl for People Magazines Most Beautiful annual issue!!!!!

She has had two number songs already “On the Floor” and “I am into You”, an album ‘Love?’ coming out soon that is slated to be number 1, lucrative multi-million dollar endorsement deals with L’Oreal, Venus Gillette, (forgot the name) Jewelry line, she still has her fashion line, perfumes, making movies and is now a judge on American Idol where she is making $12 million a YEAR. She also became a mom two years ago to twins and has been married to Marc Anthony for 7 years. Personally and professionally J.Lo is having the best years of her life.

She should be on that cover! She has already been on the Latin People magazine version a few times. She is naturally beautiful and is aging gracefully, has remained classy and has had one hell of a career.

She also tweeted this that makes the rumor more of a fact:

@JLo Good Morning #LOVE?RS!!!!! Early Call Today for @peoplemag shoot! The weekend is here!! What are you guys doing?



Jennifer Lopez admits she loves glamming it up as a judge on American Idol or for her upcoming album, Love?.

But at home with husband Marc Anthony and their 3-year-old twins, Max and Emme, Lopez is a zero-makeup kind of mom. “That’s when I’m my happiest,” she says in this week’s exclusive cover story. “Just being able to touch my face and rub my eyes and put my fingers in my hair and not having to worry about messing it up. It’s so much better.”

From her skincare regimen to her grueling workouts and portion-controlled diet, Lopez says she makes a concerted effort to stay in top form. “The thing is, it’s part of my job,” says the singer, who ran a triathlon six months after she gave birth. “I don’t want anybody thinking it’s easy. It does take time and it’s hard work. HDTV wide-screen is nobody’s friend!”

Lopez, 41, also has learned valuable beauty tips over the years, and says daughter Emme is starting to prove she’s her mother’s child. “She is very girly-girl, just like me since I was very little. She loves for me to paint her nails,” Lopez says. “She lays out her clothes on the floor like I do with my stylist and she’s like, ‘This matches very good!’ ”

And what about son Max? “He wants to paint his nails too. Because for him, it’s just paint. He’s like, ‘I want the blue!'” Lopez says, laughing. “Then Marc is like, ‘Why are Max’s nails painted?!’ But he won’t sit still so it’s only like two nails.”

As for being called a “diva,” she says, “I kind of like it. We’ve kind of owned it now. But I certainly don’t like and I’ve never been a person who has what they call ‘diva behavior,’ which is something they tried to pin on me for a long time.”

This issue marks Lopez’s 10th “Most Beautiful” appearance, tied only with George Clooney, followed by nine-time Brad Pitt.


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