Song of the week

Britney Spears’ comeback just got even better. This morning it was announced that Nicki Minaj is in negotiations to open for Britney Spears upcoming tour, Rihanna has released a new version of “S&M” that includes “It’s Britney B*tch!”.

The collaboration came about after Rihanna asked her fans on Twitter who they would like to see her collaborate with and the overwhelming response was Britney Spears. The remix of the song, which stands for “Sadism & Masochism” surfaced on Top 40 radio stations yesterday.

It’s good to see so much “Girl Power” among these pop stars. Madonna was the queen of pop, Britney took the torch as the reigning Pop Queen and one of the best entertainers ever and now it’s Rihanna is the new generation that is taking over. (You know I would never not include my Beyonce, she is the queen of everything but she isn’t considered pop, she is categorized under R&B)

I loveeee this song my friend and I put it blast it whenever we are driving and it is sooo fun dancing and sining along too. I enjoy both versions, this is the kind of music that is best for Rihanna and Britney so they fit together perfectly and hopefully they’ll make more music together.


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