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The latest addition to the Kardashian TV dynasty debuted Sunday night with ‘Khloe and Lamar,’ about the young marriage between Kim’s little sis and her Laker hubby. Viewers to the E! reality series were treated to some intense moments between Lamar Odom and his estranged dad but not before Khloe’s little bro moves in with the newlyweds (Lamar’s idea, not hers). PopEater got into it deep with Khloe, who opened up — way up — about her attempts to get pregnant and how the “media makes me feel like I’m barren” by constantly bugging her about it. We also chat about her new fragrance, ‘Unbreakable,’ and whether sister Kourtney’s man Scott Disick has really cleaned up his act.
Can I be honest with you? When I read you and Lamar were getting married after a whirlwind courtship I thought you’d be separated after three months.
When people were saying that to me I never tried to battle them like, ‘Believe me!’ because I understand why people thought that, it’s only natural. But Lamar and I didn’t get married for anyone else but ourselves so I wasn’t thinking anything else but this is for us.

You’re a step-mother (Lamar has two kids from a previous relationship. Lamar Jr. and Destiny).
I am. I love children so much. I really feel like how Bruce step-fathered us was so beautifully done. I take advice from him and my Dad had a lot of girlfriends that were really awful to us. Mean people would say mean things to us to get us away from him because they wanted him for themselves. I really have had awful experiences from step-parents or step-girlfriends whatever you want to call them and I think I have great experience to be a step-mom.

You get asked a lot when you’re going to having kids. It’s such a personal subject.
It’s obviously something I’ve never spoken about before. There’s a lot of things I didn’t know until learning and going to doctors, not to be too TMI, but ovulation. I didn’t know about that. I didn’t know you have three days out of the month to get pregnant, I had no idea.

Which is not a lot.
No, it’s not a lot especially with people who are as busy as Lamar and I. Lamar travels all the time and it’s like timing. My doctors are telling me there are certain times of the day that are better than others even when you’re highly ovulating. It’s weird, so yes do I feel like it’s very personal? 100% but how we film our shows, if it’s happening to us, it has to be happening to at least one other person in the world and if I can help somebody or make them feel more normal or comfortable …

And there’s probably someone there for you as well.
I wish someone would do that for me, instead the media makes me feel like I’m barren and why can’t you get pregnant? I’ve had an interviewer on the red carpet ask me, ‘Well if you want to have a baby why don’t you?’ I asked her if she had kids, she said, ‘No,’ so I said, ‘Why don’t you talk to me after.’

Did you want to give her a little slappy slap?
I have no problems answering people’s questions. They can ask me whatever they want, it’s not what they say, it’s how they sometimes say it. The public does think genuinely it’s so easy to have a baby. I am 26 years old. I do think when it happens it’s going to happen. I was finding out about my ovulation dates and I did notice it made Lamar and I uncomfortable like it took the fun out of it so we stopped doing that.

Like my doctor would send me a text message, these are you days that you’re ovulating and it wasn’t fun. Look I’m not going to knock it. God forbid in a couple of years, if I’m still not pregnant then ok, we’ll pay more attention. We’ve only been married 18 months and that’s still fairly new. I think people; the public want me to be pregnant.

Well, tell me about the new show.
The show is something that we’re really excited about, this show is very different from ‘Keeping Up,’ and the ‘Take On,’ series because those shows are so female driven, this show is very much male driven. It’s Lamar and my brother Rob who lives with us, it’s very masculine in a lot of ways, there’s a lot of NBA footage, locker room footage and also a lot of us. Lamar and I as newlyweds and learning about each other and experiencing a lot of firsts that happen on camera.

Lamar’s dad brought plenty of drama to the first episode. What was that like?
The first time I met Lamar’s dad happened to be at a book signing with my sister Kourtney and he just showed up. I didn’t know and my cameras are there rolling. I wish I had a heart monitor on for that. You see me and you might think I’m a little bit cold or standoffish but I’m really just kind of nervous and scared, like I don’t know if Lamar is going to get mad that his Dad is on camera, we never spoke about it.

I didn’t know how to act and how to be and what was okay to say and not to say. I felt like it was a lot going on, on camera. It’s crazy because I hope I don’t come off as mean or cold. But emotionally inside I didn’t how to act.

That’s weird that he just showed up.
Yeah, I think it’s weird but what you’ll see is he wanted his son’s attention and that was a way to do it.

What’s the deal with Rob living with you? He can’t afford his own place?
(Laughs) He was going to college at USC and then he started looking for own place and Lamar actually asked if he would move in with us. I wasn’t too for it at first because I’ve had a huge family my entire life and I was very excited to be living on my own with my husband but Lamar has never lived alone, he’s always with his friends or this and that and he thought when he’s on the road and traveling so much he would feel more comfortable if my brother was here. Also Lamar has no siblings and Rob has no brothers and they really bonded. They really have a great relationship. It was only supposed to be for a few months, now it’s over a year that we’ve lived in this house.

Is he like Cedric on ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’?
Um he kind of is like Cedric. I just don’t have a big of house as Lisa Vanderpump does.

Do you ever fight or play around with Rob and Lamar doesn’t get it because he’s an only child?
We do, we’re not really mean to each other. We don’t fight with our words but we’ll play and I’ll hit him or pull his pants down, like what brothers and sisters do and Lamar thinks that’s so weird. He’s like, ‘Are you guys into each other?’ and I’m like, ‘Are you crazy?’ Like he doesn’t know how brothers and sisters are supposed to play.

You guys have a fragrance.
We’re not someone like, ‘Hey just put my name on it.’ We wanted something that we both could wear and live in so it took us a really long time to come up with the scent. It’s very light and citrusy. The great thing is there are these dark chocolate elements and it picks up on a male as a muskier scent and on a woman it becomes fresher and sweeter.

So … Is Scott Disick still lord of the d-bags?
To be honest Scott has definitely proven that he’s trying to improve himself and be a good Dad. I’m not someone who you can drink and act a fool and then say that you’ll never do it again, you need to show me you’ll never do it again. Kourtney and Kim are more like, ‘Oh he said he was sorry.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t care, he’s already done it four or five times. You need to show me you’re sorry and really changing or don’t tell me.’ But now Scott has been sober for like six or eight months. He goes to therapy. I’m proud of the work he’s doing to better himself. So I am going to say he’s definitely trying.

What do you say to the haters?
`I do just think they either want a reaction or people don’t like things that they can’t control or don’t understand and I think how Lamar and I got married and how fast and how in love we are, I don’t think people understand and they were like, ‘Why her?’ It makes them, I don’t want to say angry but it does make them jealous. I try as hard as I can to generally not pay attention.

Ciara is one of People’s 25 most beautiful at 25 and they started her introduction with “Kim Kardashian’s BFF”.  Carmelo Anthony’s wife Lala is photoed anywhere they mention “Kim’s BFF”, Elizabeth Taylor died and her last tweet was to Kim and that’s all they covered, I cannot understand what it is about her that media treats her as if she is royalty and I am done trying to understand it. I guess it is what it is, like Wendy Williams say “it’s all about you Kim, it’s always about you. you always have to make it about you” Anyway, I just made it about her…oh gosh. My point was when they wrote Kim’s little sis about Khloe. Khloe is the only positive thing I have to say about a Kardashian. I enjoy watching her, don’t mind reading about her and I just like her. She reminds me of and she is very relatable to many many girls and women. I think I’ve talked about this before…oh lord, I need sleep.

Who watched the premiere of Khloe and Lamar? I did and I loved it. I even wanted more. It’s so nice to Khloe as a wife, we watched her go from being unnoticed and a shadow behind her sister to being single and dealing with weight insecurities, still dealing with her father’s passing and being ridiculed by the media by her looks and being called “the unattractive, fat sister” to getting her happily ever after. We watched her life drastically change just like we watch Kim’s face continue to change. You can’t help but feel happy for her and she makes a lot of girls feel as though the same thing can happen to them. I love her house, very cozy and nicely decorated. I love her relationship with Lamar. Definatly made me along with many girls, even Rihanna jealous! She tweeted to Khloe “just watched ur show in the studio! Yall make me wanna #BARF… or atleast find a man!!! 2 cute for words. Rah Rah.



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