Real Housewives of DC no more!

Anyone that knows me knows how obsessed I am with the Real Housewives franchise. I just think it’s brilliant and reality TV at its best, it’s amazing how it is when you bring women together with different personalities and stories and force them to blend. I always love the first of everything, after two, three seasons the women change and you question if they are saying or acting a certain way for the fame and ratings. Regardless, it’s addicting and the casting is amazing. I honestly feel like these chosen women were just made for these shows.

I have a favorite and dislike for each city: New York City, I loved Bethenny but she has moved on to bigger and better things and is the most successful women to come out of the whole franshise. She marketed herself and stepped out on her own brilliantly. So now it’s Ramona. She is just made for TV, she is a character without even trying to be anything other than herself. I highly dislike Kelly Bensimon. Why is she even on the show if she has never watched it before she signed on, says its fake and bashes it when she isn’t filming and thinks she is above everyone when no one even knew who she was before the show. Puhhlease. She is delusional, hypocritical and annoying. She creates things in her head andonly sees what she sees. I cringe when I see her on TV because I just can’t believe she is how she is.

New Jersey, I love Caroline! She is a great mother and has remained classy and herself. I highly dislike Danielle, she is another one that is delusional and in a dangerous way but now that Bravo has finally fired her, I am not liking Teresa Guidice. She thinks she is above everyone and all the attention has to be on her. I used to like her but her true colors are coming, I don’t see her as genuine and  she is a bit of a drama attention seeking brat to me. Orange County, I like and dislike Tamara. She has a great sense of humor but she is two-faced. Same with Vickie, I like and dislike her. I think she is selfish in her marriage, always putting herself first and we get it she loves to work and has done great for herself but it doesn’t mean you think you’re better than everyone because you work and they don’t. Nothing wrong with being a housewife if your husband is financially able on his own to provide for the household. On the other hand, I can see where she comes from when the girls all the sudden are becoming designers and some are having money problems yet all they do is shop and blame their husbands…like she always says “why not go to work!?”. I dislike Gretchen, I think she tries too hard and her relationship with Slade is shady. I also don’t think she is genuine and honest about her relationship with her ex-fiance who was 90 years old and dying of cancer.

Beverly Hills is my favorite and I think it always will be. I love the glamour, the expensive clothes, bags and shoes and their mansions! I love Lisa, Kyle (chick has a life I have always wanted..and her husband is just beautiful!) and Adrienne (love, love, love her husband Dr.Paul Nassif). I don’t care for Taylor, she stirs up drama and hides behind it and isn’t true to herself. Kim, I don’t really see what the point was for her on the show. She clearly had issues and I don’t think she was stable and mentally strong to be on national television and of course Camille. I can’t blame her for being how she is, she was going through a lot and she has people around her that tell yes all the time. She needed to get out the bubble and I think she’ll be finding her way soon and will be redeeming herself for next season.

Atlanta! Oh the ladies of ATL. I don’t like any of them. They all changed, they’re all phony. Nene I used to love, but fame has gotten way over her head. All that fussing and shouting is all fake to me and she knows what she is doing when the cameras roll. I like Sheree, she is funny and is very honest about who and how she is, whether you like it or not. DC..I watched but didn’t like any of the women. The casting wasn’t good and lets just pretend it never even happened. Miami…the casting wasn’t that good either. It was all over the place and the editing wasn’t good. It was rushed to air and it was very short. They didn’t give the women a chance like they did for the others. It could have been a lot better and it would have been without Adrianna and Cristy. I cant stand either of them. Mama Elsa stole the show..or should I say scared the show with her botched plastic surgery.

Gosh, why do I ramble on soo much?! The point of this post was regarding the first cancellation of the franchise, Housewives of DC.

D.C. had the potential to be a fabulous addition to the “Real Housewives,” but they failed miserably with the casting and the psychologically impaired Salahis.  Bravo announced the D.C. ladies are getting the axe, and the network is focusing on their other cities: Atlanta, New York, O.C., Beverly Hills, New Jersey, and the new Miami. Reportedly, Miami is getting lower ratings than D.C. did.  So they may be out the door next.  Did anybody even watch?  It was barely promoted and was a replacement for New York at the time.  So the show only lasted a few episodes and was abruptly ended with a random finale.


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