American Idol Upset!

This has been the best season of American Idol…ever! So much talent, more than I have ever seen before. I thought I would miss Simon and it wouldn’t be the same but the judges fit perfectly together and the contestants are allowed to be themselves and viewers are getting to know them personally which was never done before. I love all the changes on Idol. But America should know that it’s become a popularity contest more than a talent competition! And with this year and all the unbelievable talent and all of them being so likable and prooving that they are born to be super stars it’s hard to pick and choose who you want to win. The way the voting goes its sometimes its not about the who best singer is, it’s the most favorite. A lot of times there have been upsets on who has gotten voted of such as the two biggest ever Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry. The people voting are young kids and teenagers and they pick the cutest boy or the prettiest girl and they start voting for them, not putting the talent first.

Two weeks ago Casey got voted off to everyone’s shock and understandably the judges used their one save on him. It was too soon but Casey didn’t deserve to go. Now with Pia, no one saw this coming. With Casey I think the judges and everyone thought that America will start voting and get it right but it didn’t happen. People assume that she is going to win and make it through every week so they skip out on voting for her and start to vote for their favorite they want to stay and don’t want to see them go. Too bad the save wasn’t there but Casey deserves his spot as well, Pia will go on to become something great just like Jennifer Hudson did. Her journey is not over, she has so much talent, more than some of the artists we hear today  on the radio that use auto-tune or their voices are produced to sound good but they can never sing or sound differently live.

I am so invested this season and I am just amazed by all the talent. The judges picked the right group and they are just born to do this and each deserve a record deal. Now that Pia is gone, the other contestants don’t have their biggest competition and they need to step it up. I don’t know why Stefano keeps going down at the bottom three. I don’t care for Hailie she stepped it up too late for me. My top three were, Pia, James and Casey. Now it’s James, Casey, Jacob. We’ll see! But from now on every week it is going to be upset, expect for Hailee I don’t care for her. I also think the next three to go are going to be Stefano, Hailie and Paul!

Who are you rooting for? I won’t ask if you were shocked about Pia being voted of because every one was but again, she is going to have an amazing career it’s not over for her. If I had to choose as to who is going and I would hope to win, it would be James.




The judges weren’t the only ones shocked by 22-year-old Pia Toscano‘s shocking American Idol elimination on Thursday.

After the fan favorite was voted off the hit FOX singing competition, celebrities flocked to Twitter to voice their frustrations.

VIDEO: Watch Pia sing “I’ll Stand By You”

“Don’t have an Idol habit, but how could the USA vote Pia off?” Tom Hanks, 54, wrote. “I may be done for the season.”

Ashton Kutcher, 33, was just as surprised to see the Idol frontrunner go. “Who are the people that vote on American Idol? That’s just crazy!” he tweeted. “That Pia girl is dope. [It’s] almost criminal.”

Several former Idol contestants also chimed in, including Jennifer Hudson, 29, Chris Daughtry, 31, and David Cook, 28.

“I can not believe they just eliminated Pia! Really?” Hudson wrote. “As long as she walked away with that voice she will be alright! Just hate to see talent like that go!”

“What the crap?” Daughtry asked. “I thought Pia was THE best singer on the show this year!”

Former Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres, 53, also weighed in, telling her 6.3 million followers: “I am shocked and so sad.”


One thought on “American Idol Upset!

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