Quote of the day

“When it comes to being a wife I want to be this “Little House on The Prairies” wife. Where I don’t want Lamar to have to worry about a thing when he’s not at home. I feel like he’s my king and I just want to take care of him. I’m just old-fashioned like that. I get great pride and pleasure in doing that stuff for him; it makes me feel accomplished taking good care of my husband who works all day”

– Khloe Kardashian-Odom

I am the same way..well I will be when I get married one day! But I mean I am the same by how she views marriage and a mans role in the household.I am very traditional and I am the type to view my man as my king. As long as you are treated like his equal and he treats you right. The way I view a man is different because I never had one in my life, my father wasn’t there for me to show me how a man should be, how a man loves, how a man treats a woman and how it feels like to be loved by a man. But I know what I want because I never had it so it makes value things more. I am the type that loves to take care of people, especially a man. I am very nurturing and maternal, always have been.I love the little things, like shopping or packing for him, making his breakfast and making sure he has a great morning to start his day. I love to be the one he confides in and the one that he always relies on. I can’t wait for that. I love the idea and meaning of marriage and it is what life is about, having a family of your own. As long as you are not a doormat and he treats you like he is not above you, like a marriage I have seen from my friend – her husband is the king, she has no opinions or say in anything and she is at home all day miserable with her two kids and she doesn’t cook or clean or have energy to leave her house when she doesn’t even do anything all day and she gets a weekly allowance. I can never be and never will be that type of woman, wife and mother. That’s not how  a marriage is and I am not the type to settle just for the thought of being with someone. You have to know what you want from a partner and out of life. Right now I am 21 years old, I haven’t dated in over a year but I don’t care to have a relationship just to be in one. I am not looking or trying to find someone now. I have a lot of weight on my shoulders with school, work and I have to work on myself before I allow myself to love and be loved by someone especially seeing how I was in my past two relationships. I love monogamy, and I feel that at this point in my life the next person I meet is going to be my husband. I want him to be a little older and educated, has goals and a career and someone I can have fun with. I may be picky but I’d rather be picky then desperate. I’d rather be at home a lone then wishing I was home alone. I see a lot of girls settle for love but never settled down and in love. I’ve been through a divorce with my parents so I don’t ever want to be a divorcee with children. Do I believe in soul mates? No, but maybe it’s because I haven’t met him yet. I do believe that when you know, you know. I also know that I wouldn’t be happy if I were to be 30 and single but I know that I will be okay and that God has a different picture for me in a frame that I always envisioned how my life would be.


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