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When it comes to Khloe Kardashian Odom I have a change of heart when it comes to a  Kardashian. Ever since the show started I was a “fan” and she is one Kardashian family member I like. She was real, blunt and a lot of girls connected to her and her insecurities. A lot of people thought she was the break out star, I did to. Kim has no personality, neither does Kourtney but Kourtney doesn’t seem to really care for the fame she just goes a long with it. Kim’s body, her face and whoring herself out to any and everything is what made her a star as well as her media master-mind Kris Jenner who knew how to market her, her image and milk those 15 minutes and make them into hours. I don’t really see how so many girls “look up” to Kim. One minute she says she loves her body and doesn’t mind her cellulite and says she that is a “role model” for girls everywhere to embrace their curves then the next minute she is complaining and talking about how she hates parts of her body and endorsing diet supplements. She has contradicted herself multiple times but that’s besides the point no matter what for some reason people are obsessed with her and everything she touches turns to gold. Khloe has remained true to herself and to everything she has said since the world got to know her on their reality show. She reminds me of myself when it comes to her personality and what she goes through on a daily basis with her insecurities. I also love that all her siblings have each said that she is the only one that each of them are close to, have different relationships with her and that she is always the one to go to. I just have a soft spot for her for all the hate and negativity she had to go through in the media for being called “Fat”, “tranny” and the “ugly sister”. She got her happily ever after and she deserves it. She isn’t out there in the media, staging paparazzi shots like Kourtney and especially Kim and she has remained private about her personal life…well for the most part, now in true Kardashian mode she along with her husband Lamar Odom are set to premiere their reality show “Khloe & Lamar”. One thing I don’t like about her is how she dresses and how she poses in pictures, she needs to know what is flattering and what doesn’t look good on her and how to pose that is flattering for her!

Anyway, Kourtney & Kim Take New York was so boring. Scott Disick made it funny and it was missing Khloe. There was no point to the show other than to give Kim extra shine and hidden endorsement products for air time and for more money for the Kardashians. So I am looking forward to watching the true star and the only one with a personality from the Kardashians, new show. Lamar has a fun sense of humor to and they make for great TV. I also love the open title, reminds me of love and basketball! a

“I didn’t want to  do it, I said absolutely not but Lamar was the one who was really into it. I said to him “Are you crazy”? it’s 12-18 hour days for three months solid. There’s no down time to just hang out on the couch and watch TV because that doesn’t make good TV. And he just said “people want to see it” and so we are. This is what I do. I love what I do but I never wanted to put Lamar in that situation. So I insisted we wait a year to just enjoy being married.”


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